PS3 Modern Warfare 2 Hacking Patch Due March 8th

Just a tidbit before bedtime, as we know you guys are tired from all the Gran Turismoing and Resident Eviling*. Tweeting a few minutes ago, Infinity Ward’s Fourzerotwo has confirmed that “buggy as a buggy thing” (to some), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is due an update next week that should address the game’s now infamous exploits. Mr. Bowling tweeted:


Just received word that we expect the latest Modern Warfare 2 patch for PlayStation 3 to be available March 8th worldwide. Addresses hacking.

Xbox 360 and PC releases are currently pending.

*That doesn’t make me sound old at all.

Source: Twitter



  1. “Call of Warfare: Modern Warfare 2”
    Wut? :P

  2. lol call of warfare wat a brillent name for a game and about time iv had to get my pro perks back about 10 times now from people haking them and dose any one know if it will put your level back to what its ment to be and give you back your perks?

    • owww you fixed the typo i liked it better as call of warfare, it had a nice ring to it

      • Call of Warfare: Modern Duty?


      • Fill the dishwasher!
        Modern Duty.

      • Darn, could’ve squeezed a Soap joke in there.

      • no just call of warfare, it can be about the sound of warfare and you as the player have to call people using guns and bombs and for every minuet your not calling someone a hacker dies

        its a ruff idea at the minuet but i think it’ll work :P

      • Haha, I like! Needs a bit of development though :P

  3. might pick this back up then? decisions decisions

  4. I so nearly prestiged, but three levels off, my disk stopped working D’:

    • Can you believe my friends brother rubbed my friends mw2 disc up his skateboard, but still managed to boot up?! A bit of toothpaste on it and its working fine now.

      MY disc, snapped down the middle so there wasn’t much I could do about that (and believe me I tried)

      • did you try taping it because according to dead rising 2 there nothing you cant to with a bit of masking tape and you imagination

      • No i didn’t try that :( I ended up smashing it up just to see what happens….

  5. hay i just noticed that every one whos commented so far is level 4 yay (excluding Kovacs because he blatantly used hacks ;) )

    • Hey – I can’t even get the name of the game right, how do you think I’d be able to hack a system?

      • Simple Answer: by using your AWESOMENESS that you get by becoming part of the TSA staff/team!

      • I has Level 6 ^_^
        Haven’t a clue what the levels mean though!

  6. a relief to get a definite day.
    on the + side, i have been emmersing myself in bfbc2 & the nam dlc.

  7. I have a video of a hacked game I ended up entering where some guy had mosses out the whole thing, think I could get him banned by showing it to the right people??

    • send it to Sony. IW cant and dont have the power to ban.

    • also, that was meant to say modded, apparently apple dont have that in their predictive text dictionary crap

  8. March the 8th will be a good day. I have KZ3 but dont want to exhaust it so occasional dips back into (unhacked) modern warfare 2 will be welcome

  9. how about one for call of duty 4 ?

    • I heard they were working on one for CoD4 and WaW, whether its true or just a rumour is yet to be seen.

    • I’ve been playing a little cod4 over mw2 mod period. Second match i entered was modded, next 10-15 or so matches were fine, lucky i guess.

  10. I’d of thought so too!

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