New WWE All Stars Video With Dev Commentary

THQ released a new video for WWE All Stars featuring Shawn Michaels and John Morrison. What’s neat about this full match is that there’s commentary from the developers throughout the entire video. One comment in particular was quite interesting. It was mentioned that any move from a wrestler’s history could be in the game. It doesn’t matter if they currently use it or not.


Here’s the full roster:

WWE Superstars

John Cena
Triple H
Rey Mysterio
John Morrison
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton
CM Punk
The Miz
Drew Mcintyre
The Undertaker
Jack Swagger

WWE Legends

Andre The Giant
Macho Man
Bret Hart
Ricky Steamboat
The Rock
Hulk Hogan
The Ultimate Warrior
Eddie Guerrero
Sgt. Slaughter
Mr. Perfect
Stone Cold
Shawn Michaels
Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Jimmy Snuka
Roddy Piper

Downloadable Superstars

Jerry “The King” Lawler
The Big Bossman
Mark Henry
Chris Jericho
Michael Hayes
Cody Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes
The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase Jr.

A new batch of screenshots were also released revealing some of the game’s various match types and Create a Superstar mode. In addition to that, alternate costumes for Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker are shown. It’s nice to see Taker wearing the purple gloves once again.

Source: Press Release, YouTube



  1. Is it just me or has the graphics not been improved since smackdown vs raw 2008!

    • Well this is a new engine I believe.

  2. Well…at least it’s a bit different to every other wrestling game of the past few years…I like that it’s over the top

  3. Why does everyone look like they are on steriods?O_O
    I may wait for the demo to come out.

    • yeah, THQ went a different direction for this game. It reminds me of having an action figure. Come to think of it, the whole over the top moves thing reminds me of playing with action figures when I was a little kid. Making my GI Joe’s do crazy flips in the air because apparently didn’t have gravity to weigh them down or something.

  4. Giant Gonzales should’ve been included, would be absolutely epic to have him up against the likes of Andre the Giant, the Great Khali and of course, Rey Mysterio!
    …Wait, no Khali included?

  5. Ultimate Warrior! That’s all I needed to know. :D

  6. Is there any news on a demo for this. I’m buying it anyway but it will be nice to have a demo.

  7. i love the art direction on this, its as if the games finally realised that entertainment, not realism, is whats needed in a wrestling game, i may actually buy this and i havent bought a wrestling game since the second smackdown on the ps1

  8. Ultimate Warrior and Legion of Doom. Best wrestlers ever!

  9. the best wrestling game ever made was No Mercy on the N64, brilliant use of grapple control and strikes…plus the “ding” when using the ringside bell to hit your opponent = sweet

    this looks ok, but nowhere near as good as No Mercy

  10. Decent roster and looks like a lot of fun. I can’t imagine the game selling brilliantly so I will probably pick the game up later in the year when its around the £15 price point, assuming that it has an enjoyable trophy list.

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