Podcast: Episode 8

This week on the Oscar Mike podcast, we give you a bit extra. Well, we rambled on for a bit longer than normal. Let’s pretend it’s a bonus though.

Alex joins us again, with toe problems. Kris watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and then annoys Lewis with his views on Inception. We talk about Killzone 3 with the sharp shooter, Bulletstorm, Halo and MotorStorm and Alex watched a TV show featuring monkeys. While we were recording.

We also comment on the shots of Red Skull from the new Captain America movie and why it’s not sensible to recreate scenes from Die Hard With a Vengeance whilst on holiday.

Next week on the podcast, we’ll be using the new theme tune and letting you all know who won that honour. I’ve been listening to the entries today and can tell you that none of them have nearly enough wobble bass. They are infinitely better than my temporary theme, though so you’re in for a treat, no matter who wins.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

If you’d like to hear anything specifically on the podcasts, or if you’d like to let us know how awesome (or not) we are then please leave comments here, reviews on iTunes and send email to podcasts[at]thesixthaxis.com. We answer as much as we can.



  1. This reminds me, I still haven’t got around to listening to last weeks podcast yet, will find time tonight!

  2. first time listening to this. subscribed.

    • <3
      Awesome, don't forget to review and rate us on iTunes if you're using that!
      And spread the word!

  3. Downloading now.

  4. i have to say this is probably the single most unprofessional podcast i’ve ever heard.

    a bloody good laugh though.
    keep it up. :)

    • How very true, but that is one of its charms.

  5. I’ve missed one or two of these so i’ll grab this one tonight, sounds good.

  6. SOMEONE lost my entry to the podcast theme competion and I had to resubmit….. *tuts*

    Note to Peter: Obv If I win i can remix it and you can have a wobbly bass version. Actually I might do it tonight for a laugh.

  7. Awesome, laughing about in the kitchen listening to this right now.

  8. My toe, for the record, is much better now.

    • Good to hear, it sounded quite bad at the time.

    • Nice, did you take a photo in the end?

    • It became indistinguishable from Hodgi’s thumb for a while.

  9. Best review of Inception ever: “Distinctly average”. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. Can I listen to it here than downloading, like the Metalcast?
    I’m sure other podcasts do this, like a embedded player

    • click on the RSS feed link and you can play it in your browser. Not at work though, we’re too foul mouthed ;)

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