Shift 2: Pagani Huayra Gameplay Video

The reaction to Shift 2 has been mixed here at TSA – mainly because of the first game. Some new gameplay footage has been released of someone taking the Pagani Huayra around the Nordschleife track, and I must say it’s looking very good (both the game and the car). It seems the driver is constantly battling to keep the car on the track as it twitches and weaves, before eventually heading off into the grass.

What do you think?

Source: Ve3tro



  1. The cockpit camera is making me Sea-sick.

  2. The camera looks like it’s floating independantly to the car. Very weird. I’ll keep an eye on this game, but GT5 still holds my attention for the time being.

  3. Looks like the car was floating on the track of course can’t say much before i get to test a demo or something

  4. I couldn’t watch too much of that with the constantly rocking steering…get a grip!
    That was a strange effect that they had when the car was on the long full speed straight before the finish….all of the dashboard went blurred as if the wind and G-force was hitting the drivers eyes and face….the windshield must have blown out earlier in the lap :P
    The games coming along nicely though and I look forward to picking it up in April.

  5. Wow, that car looked more twitchy than a teenager buying a jazz mag!

  6. It’s looking good, but I’m looking forward more to Dirt 3 and GT5 can keep me busy until then.

  7. The only things that I’m worried with is the tuning which I thought was poor and how well it will perform on the PS3. If Shift fails to impress me then I will be highly displeased with EA…

  8. Bought GT5 on release & was impressed at first. Unfortunately the more I progressed the more most of the races are felt like glorified time trials! It’s hard to get a car to match the performance of the competition to make the races close & fun. Been a GT fan since #1. I think my tastes have just changed over the years.
    I’m hoping Shift 2 has this as I’m looking for a racing game not a driving game.

  9. Can’t decide on whether I’ll be getting this or not. Will probably wait for a price drop as I have GT5, Test Drive Unlimited and Split Second to keep me occupied for now.

  10. Must say this looks good even though I didnt think much to Shift 1.

    Like HP but havent had time to hammer it…will do though!

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