The Tomb Raider Trilogy – PS2/PS3 Comparison Screens

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I’m really enjoying the recent batch of HD re-releases. Being able to play a much loved game in high definition is great, and even more so if the disc contains more than one game.

The Tomb Raider Trilogy Facebook page has released a few interesting screenshots which compares the original Tomb Raider Anniversary to the upcoming HD Tomb Raider Trilogy. There is a marked improvement, and it’s great to see some familiar locations given a bit of a polish. Credit to the PS2 game though, as the screens show it was certainly no slouch in the looks department.

Source: Facebook


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    • How come I don’t see any boobs in these pics?

    • Yeah its like she actually has some now.

    • only if they jiggle like the DOA girls…


      • DOA HD remake seems like a pretty sweet idea now

    • ‘Good job on the boobs guys, good job on the boobs…well done’ Best comment i seen in months lol

  2. Does anyone know if the legend and anniversary versions of this trilogy are HD’d ps2 versions because iv’e played the pc and xbox360 versions and they looked really good. If the ps3 is just getting HD versions of the ps2 games then i will feel a bit short changed because the graphics will be a bit of a let down when compaired with the 360 and pc.

    • It says beneath the screenshot comparisons that they’ve been ported from the PS2 version.

      • I read actually that they used the highest quality stuff they had for the remakes ( presumable the PC version ) and expect them to look better than the 360.

      • The PS3 “remake” has been ported from the PC/360 versions, certainly not from the PS2. Legend in particular has different 3D meshes and textures. I have both versions (PS2 and PC) and can confirm the PS3 looks identical to the latter.

  3. Looking good, and as someone who completely skipped Legend and Anniversary, the trilogy is a bargain at £20.

    • Looks very good i don’t have any of these three so a very good package

    • What’s the other game in this trilogy?

  4. Why is this being compared to the PS2 version so much? I had these games on my 360, and they were in HD. Surely they’ll just be using those versions and porting them to the PS3?! Why waste the time in polishing the PS2 version of the game, when they already have a next gen version in the studio :/ The whole ‘HD re-release’ of this is a bit of a joke. It’s really just the Tomb Raider games finally coming to the PS3.

    • Think I’m with you on this one. Looks more like a port from the 360 than a resolution upgrade as to me the character model and buildings in pic 3 look different and not just a higher resolution.

    • The 360 games were actually sub-720p. Pretty certain they are porting from the PC though, looks like they’ve got much better lighting than the PS2 version aswell, with proper shadows (even self shadowing).

      I don’t actually own any of these games, I’ve been thinking about picking them up on the PC (since they’re meant to be pretty good in 3D) but if these versions are actually better, I’ll consider changing my mind.

  5. GoW HD Collection – awesome – finished both 100%

    Prince Of Persia HD – terrible, couldn’t get into it, terrible sound, with awful echo like coming from the well? Killed the game for me

    Sly HD – great collection, finished all 3 games, loved the cartoony style

    Looking forward to Ico/Shadow HD

  6. Looking forward to this. I have pre-ordered from – £19.85 which is a great price for this collection.

  7. lara croft boobies always make me smile ;)

  8. I’m a long term Tomb Raider fans, have been from day 1. I can’t wait to get my hands on the HD version on my old favourites.

  9. Impressive.

  10. Still got the PS2 versions of these, so will not be picking up, would do though if i had not!

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