New White Knight Chronicles For PS3 and PSP In May

RPG fans will be pleased to know that the prequel and sequel to White Knight Chronicles will be released for the PSP and PS3 outside of Japan. While the initial announcement on the PlayStation Blog didn’t mention a release window, it was stated in the comments section that both games are set to launch this May.


White Knight Chronicles 2 features new content and tons of improvements over the original game, including resigned battle mechanics and online support for up to six players. The popular Georama town customization tools will be making its return and will include even more options available to the player.

In Japan, White Knight Chronicles 2 came bundled with a version of the first game that included all the improvements made for the sequel. When asked if this would be the case in Europe, SCEE’s Ross Alexander left the following reply: “That would be telling…” While not exactly a confirmation, it does seem heavily implied that the upgraded first game will be included.

White Knight Chronicles: Origins, a PSP prequel developed by Matrix Corp., is set 10,000 years before the events of the first WKC. Like its PS3 brethren, Origins features a 30+ hour single player campaign and allows you to quest with friends online (supports up to four players). The PSP version also includes the ability to trade quests and avatars.

Check out the new screenshots below.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Still not played the 1st one.
    I bought it preowned aaaaages ago, played the 1st 2 hours and never went back to it. I actually liked it, but got sidetracked by other games.

    Good news that they are bringing the sequel to these shores though, now the question is : to play the one I have or hold out for the (possibly included) revamped version?

  2. Will have to look into this, 2 games in 1 is always tempting and this also looks rather good…

  3. Still not played the 1st … its in my pile of todo

  4. Cant wait for the sequel!!
    Btw, that last screen shot is some sort of a spoiler for the story of the sequel….

    • You mean the transform ability for Yulie? >_> Maybe. Avatars have it too now.

  5. I’m sure it was a dead cert that the 1st game was bundled with the 2nd over here, it better be as I was banking on it.

  6. one feature i read about in the sequel i’m looking forward to is your player character getting their own knight.

    i spent untold hours on the first one and i can’t wait for this one.

  7. I want, haven’t played the first game as I’ve still got Dragon age origins an dragon age 2 (when it comes out) to do. Would be very happy if the first game comes bundled.

  8. i never played the first one so it would be great if they included it with the second.

  9. SOLD! I’ve been wanting to play the first but haven’t got around to it because of it’s fairly poor reviews, but if they’re including a revamped version of the first, that can only be a good thing!

  10. I’ve never played the first so I really hope they do bundle it together.

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