Guild System Comes To WKC2 This Week

Taking one step closer to becoming an MMO, action RPG hybrid White Knight Chronicles 2 (our review) is due for an update later this week that will allow players to form and develop online guilds. Available to all players who have activated their online pass, the new feature allow you and your friends to find and quest together a lot easier, guilds also having the ability to create their own customisable communes, known as Hometowns.

Completing certain quests will reward players with tokens which can then be exchanged and spent on building your Hometown, unlocking facilities such as shops, steadily increasing your guild rank in the process. It’s a great online feature and one that is bound to dramatically increase the game’s lifespan for its dedicated GeoNet community. Level-5 will also be launching a number of premium DLC items, available both in-game and from the PSN Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. It would be a nice addition if the game didn’t suck.

    I’ll wait for WKC3 since it’ll most likelly will include the first two games running on a newer engine, and hopefully they’ll remember to add a japanese voice option this time!

  2. Isn’t it a bit too late? I’m sure not many would play it now

  3. WKC 2 was fun, but i would have wanted online campaign.

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