Duke Nukem Website Goes Live

Hail to the King, baby. Yes, Duke Nukem’s impending return is causing us to all go a little bit… catchphrase-y. So, it’s with some delight that we can direct your attention to the Duke Nukem Forever website which has gone live this morning.

On the site there are spaces for media and downloads as well as the latest news and information on the game which is being shown off at PAX East this week. They’re still a bit light on content but hopefully that will fill up as we edge closer to the release. In the meantime you can see Duke’s surveillance files on the women and aliens of his world and flick through his gallery of Kodak moments to see what he’s been up to while we’ve been missing him.


All to the crunching stadium rock guitars that we imagine are playing inside Duke’s head at all times.

Source: Official Website



  1. Really looking forward to Duke Forever, also I wish they’d release Duke Nukem 3D on PSN. It’s difficult to find the bother to switch my XBox on.

    Also, this must be a record amount of times TSA has referenced a single game/film quote. Anyone seen “They Live”? That was the first time the gum line was used, though it is a little different.

    • They Live with Rowdy Roddy Piper and one of the most ridiculously cut and awesome fight scenes ever.
      Yes, I’ve seen it ;)
      P.S. the quote is awesome, I’m basically just pushing it to remind all those cake deniers that they weren’t first with the overused quote ;)

      • It is indeed awesome, push it as much as possible!

        Did you ever also notice the similarity between the plots of They Live and Flashback?

        Love old school John Carpenter.

      • But the cake is a LIE!!!!!.LOL

  2. despite myself i find i’m more than a little interested in trying out the new duke game.

    did they say they would be bringing out a demo or not?

    • You would think they had had enough time to knock one up!

      • They made one, then canned it, then it changed engine 3 times then got cancelled then a new dev worked on it then fired all its staff and finally it got made

      • There will be one, but only to those who got the Borderlands GOTY Edition. There’s a code in the box and the site (dukenukemforever.com/access) you redeem it at says that demo access is an exclusive benefit.

  3. kitty pousoix?
    wasn’t she in one of the austin powers movies?

  4. I have just been on the site and it was good. so that explains a few years but what else has the Duke been doing except hiding in the Duke cave looking up woman?

  5. Cant wait for this, have it pre-ordered!

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