‘Hawken’ Debut Trailer

Now this is a bolt from the blue! A debut trailer for multiplayer mech combat game ‘Hawken’ has been released, and lots like it could be a whole lotta fun! Created by the team at Adhesive Games, the trailer is cut together from various network match footage, as well as some spectator cam stuff.

One to keep an eye on?




  1. Looks incredible, from a graphical standpoint, however, I’ve never had a place in my heart for mech shooters. Perhaps this will convert me :o)

    • That’s word for word what I’m feeling, Jim H!
      And the scenery is absolutely stunning :O

    • Exactly the same here.
      Must say I was mightily impressed with the gfx and the combat…until it showed the FPS viewpoint right at the end that is. Hopefully it’ll have a 3rd person perspective too? :D

  2. those environments look absolutely amazing, put to shame many mega budget blockbuster games.
    and produced by a small indie group in nine months, impressive, though if that’s the only map that would explain how they could create such an incredibly detailed environment.

    shame it only seems to be first person though, even more than a normal first person game i could see getting stuck on scenery you can’t even see being a big problem for a mech game.
    and it seems a bit of a waste, all that detail on the mech and all you can see of it is the inside of the windscreen.
    i’d prefer the option to choose third or first person.

    still, a damn good looking game there.

  3. I wasn’t expecting it to look that good.
    Wish it was 3rd person though.

  4. Wonderful scenery. The use of industrial design coupled with the misty, red-lit hues of neon in the distance looks utterly fantastic. Makes me want to explore it with a multitude of game-genres. Wow!

    Not interested in multiplayer mech combat but I take my hat off to such fantastic development from such a small indie studio. Well done, guys.

  5. Honestly, I think the FPS view will bring a welcome change to the Mech Combat scene. As a player of Transformers and Armored Core, let me tell you, I love the look of this. Bots look maybe a tad stiff, but hey, its on my watch list.

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