Podcast: Episode 135 – Boom Beach, Second Son and Hawken

So for the first time in quite a while we actually had all four regular hosts on this week’s podcast! That’s right, Peter, Lewis, Kev and I all managed to get together and record a full episode of the podcast. Even more impressive is the fact that Kev has gone out and bought a PS4, something I didn’t think we’d see for a while yet.

Kev’s been using his new PS4 to play a bit of inFamous: Second Son, a game that Peter’s been having a crack at too. Peter’s also watched Gravity, which, rather fortunately, Lewis has watch as well, so there’s a nice chunk of chat on the space based flick.

As for me, I’ve been a bit jealous of everyone who’s been enjoying Titanfall, so I sat down with free-to-play mech title Hawken to try and capture a similar feeling. Free-to-play has been a bit of a focus for me this week actually, as I’ve also been playing Boom Beach, the spiritual successor to Clash of Clans.

With all four of us on this week’s podcast things got a bit chaotic, helped along by Kev’s new soundboard. This means we actually ended doing three quizzes (sort of) and lead to a good chunk of bonus content if you feel like listening past the closing credits.

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  1. Laugh a lot, a couple of times while listening xD Thanks guys and the “Mrs Watson” answer just broke me, couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. Kris, seemingly X:Rebirth is terrible. Not sure what first is like but 2 and 3 are pretty sweet, got the X3:Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude pack not that long ago and it has a better trading systems in than the 2nd as you can set up AI trading routines with your ships to help build up piles money. You can eventually start getting into building stations too though I’ve not played long enough in 3 to get there yet. I’d sunk countless hours into X2 when it came out and had all sorts of stations about. Quality going into a sector, building a power plant and taking out the others in that and surrounding sectors with a huge fleet in order to corner the market.
    As for Starpoint Gemini 2, at the moment it’s just a free roam affair with some side quests to do as the main story stuff hasn’t been implimented yet. The universe is totaly open though compared to the box system used in X where you have to jump between different sectors. Not played enough of it to be sure but I don’t think that the economy and trading systems have quite the same depth as X. It also seems to be a hybrid of sorts as it has an RTS feel to the battles, though you can’t directly control other ships that you own and have to hire crews for them.
    Definitely go for X if you want a meaty bit of trading to get into, but I would keep an eye on Starpoint Gemini as it is shaping up nicely.

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