Killzone 3 Rolls In Eighth As NPD Figures Appear

Figures for February’s US retail sales have emerged, and it’s been an amazing month for Microsoft.  Shifting over 530,000 units, it’s the biggest “non-holiday” month for the manufacturer.

Some figures are still to come in (as is the norm now) but the top ten software charts looks a little bit like this:

  • 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision Blizzard: 360, PS3, WII, NDS, PC)
  • 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Capcom: 360, PS3) – 790,000
  • 3 Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft: Wii) – 550,000
  • 4 NBA 2K11 (Take-Two: 360, PS3, PSP, WII, PS2, PC)
  • 5 Dead Space 2 (EA: 360, PS3, PC)
  • 6 Zumba Fitness: Join the Party (Majesco: WII, 360, PS3)
  • 7 Bulletstorm (EA: 360, PS3, PC) – 285,000
  • 8 Killzone 3 (Sony: PS3) – 280,000
  • 9 Michael Jackson The Experience (Ubisoft: WII, DS, PSP)
  • 10 Mario Sports Mix (Nintendo: WII)

That makes Black Ops the biggest selling game in the US ever with nearly 14 million copies sold.  Killzone 3’s figures are a little disappointing despite only being on sale for a week.

Microsoft are understandable bullish: “February was the biggest non-holiday month of console sales in the U.S. in the history of the Xbox, according to NPD. For the second month in a row, Xbox 360 was the number one console, maintaining its lead in the U.S. as the top selling console in 2011.”

Sony’s response: “NPD’s February numbers illustrate continued growth of the entire PlayStation 3 ecosystem, including increases in hardware, software and peripheral sales. PlayStation’s exclusive titles, combined with stereoscopic 3D and precision motion controlled gaming, continue to resonate with consumers, and we look forward to furthering the momentum with MotorStorm Apocalypse and SOCOM 4 next month.”

Source: NeoGAF.


  1. No 360 exclusive in the top 10… just saying.

    • Was there any out last month?

    • It’s also US-only stats, and US is Xbox’s strongest region.

      So it’s only really a hollow “victory” for Microsoft. It really grates me how everyone seems to put so much weight behind very misleading NPD numbers. There are people still surpised to learn that the PS3 outsells the Xbox month on month, year on year, because their only view on the world is the US-only twisted Joystiq view, or the cherrypicked Microsoft view.

  2. oh god sometimes i want to slap some people. Why do you all keep buying call of duty? grrrrrrrr i know its good but Killzone deservers more sales. its a truely jaw dropping game. the Co-op campaign is incredible fun and worth the price tag by its self

    • No online co-op is a problem here – at this point online co-op should be standard for any game with co-op as a feature. Also, having spoken to my friends who have bought the game, none were particularly impressed by it – it definitely has its moments, but overall the experience doesn’t seem to grab people as other games do. None of my friends have recommended I buy the game, they all say rent or borrow; even my stepbrother, who put a shedload of time into the beta with me and really enjoys the Killzone universe, can’t recommend buying it.

      • Killzone 3 if fecking awesome! Clearly, you need better friends & family. ;-)

      • i’m not sure what people don’t like about it. seems strange. the controlls aren’t clunky, the graphics are amazing, the guns are amazing, the soundtracks amazing, the story is awful but it did make me laugh a couple of times and the multiplayer is among the best i’ve ever played.
        For me personally it means more to have a game that i can play with a friend on the same screen that someone miles away. not enough games do splitscreen these days and its great to see it again.

  3. This is great news for fighting game fans as this shows that there’s no slowing down for the genre yet. MvC3’s sales are only slightly less than Street Fighter IV’s first month sales (if anyone was wondering). Considering how Street Fighter is a much larger franchise, Capcom must be very happy right about now.

    Glad to see that the revitalization of the genre is still strong. Mortal Kombat will most likely see similar success.

  4. If PS3 owners weren’t buying Blops,MvC3,and Bulletstorm, KZ3 would have done a bit better I think, the same way it did in the UK.

    • I think PS3 owners as a whole need to be slapped in the face. It’s disappointing to see that LittleBigPlanet 2 didn’t chart in February. The only PS3 exclusive that completely destroyed everything in its path during its release was God of War 3. Not even GT5 was as much of a powerhouse in sales as it should have been (although sales are still very very good).

      • i’d much rather see people buying games that are exclusive. The Ps3 for me is the best consol out there as far as the games go. Far more variation and far more story driven, characters based exclusives as well as games like killzone with its god like technical side.
        LBP2 was such a shame. I’m just glad people actually bought heavy rain

  5. Is that people in the US buying their second or third XBOX 360? what? RROD!

    • Microsoft have replaced under warranty all my 360s that suffered from the RRoD. When my PS3 died with the YLoD, Sony weren’t interested so I ended up buying another PS3.

      How many of the PS3 sales are YLoD replacements because Sony don’t offer the 3-year warranty as standard like Microsoft do?

      • not as many as outside 3 year warrenty xbox’s.

        yeah the YLOD warrenty is a shame, but xbox would not have extended to a 3 year if it wasnt for the fact it was a majour issue that unfortunatly claimed the life of many xbox 360’s during launch week.

        YLOD didnt surface for a while after launch and in all fairness if you got it within your year sony did replace

      • LOl, you make it sound like Microsoft offered a 3yr warranty because they were nice people.

        1/ It wasn’t a 3yr warranty, it’s a 1yr warranty, with RROD covered for an additional 2 years. drive failure (for example) after 13 months IS NOT COVERED.

        2/ Microsoft were forced into offering it due to their constant denials of any problems. The US FTC threatened to withdraw their right to sell Xboxes in the US unless they did the extended warranty and come clean on the failure rates (something they are still rather vague on).

        As a writer, I find it truely disgusting how you bend the truth and defend Microsoft for rushing their console out to beat Sony and as a result have fucked over gamers for the past 4 years..

        How many times have Xbox owners had to buy new (aside from out of “warranty” RROD).

        1x to get a HDMI port
        2x to get one that works
        3x to get a slim one that does not sound like a jet taking off.

  6. Surely all the people that want BlOps have bought it by now? Can’t believe it still sits at the top.

    • Probably COD addicts that have snapped their discs out of frustration at the games flaws, then tried to go cold turkey for a few nights before having to go back out and buy another copy.

    • Yup i dont see how its sells so much over time

      • Blam cc_star he sold blops and the singleplayer demo got him interested and what he missed out and decided to get blops again lol.
        I’m very certian he mentioned here on the PS Store updates a few weeks ago lol.
        I’m suprised too I bought Killzone Helghast Edition and then bought Bulletstorm on Tuesday. Also did get Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on launch day with a free t-shirt.

      • yeah i know loads of people who’ve sold call of duty games then gone back to buy it again. thats the one time i would describe a game as addictive

  7. The more Average Joe buys Black Ops, the more he wants to tell his average friends that they suck and he wont be their friend unless they buy it too.

    • thats how it seems to work. my brother doesn’t play any other games because his friends only play Cod. shame really

  8. not surprised really for KZ3. It had moderate reviews and I personally agree with them. Not much of a game really, looks nice but lacks something to make it a classic

  9. The game is utter trash compared to Killzone 2 with regards features. The only plus with Killzone 3 would be the improved control responsiveness etc.

  10. Why is it that every time MS is mention in an article on this site (especially in any positive manner), the comments section turns into an eff xbox marathon?

    You people do realize that there are xbox users on here as well right?

    If you don’t have/want/like xbox that’s cool, but stop alienating the people that do.

    MS had a good month, and KZ3’s sales were disappointing (i say disappointing because i personally prfer it leaps and bounds above KZ2, and black ops for that matter). O well, better luck for KZ3 next month.

    Sony still has a lot of (hopefully) great exclusives coming this year and should do just fine this year. Obviously the lack of exclusives isn’t hurting MS either, and Gears 3 will no doubt sell millions.

    How bout we as gamers be happy for the industry as a whole and stop with the “my console is longer than yours”.

    • well I have an old phat black one, its not very long but its perfect size for me.

      • Well from a litteral (and phsical) point of view, my PS3 (phat) is longer than my 360 (s model), lol.

      • well look at you showing off lol

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