Real Racing 2 HD The First Game To Use iPad 2

As the iPad 2 rolls out today (in the US, at least) so does the first game made especially for the upgraded device.  All the talk of slimmed down shells and screen covers is secondary to the fact that the second iPad comes with a massively more powerful chipset, with special attention to 3D graphics, something that the first iPad struggled with.

Enter Real Racing 2 HD, the bigger brother to the utterly amazing Real Racing 2 (which we reviewed here) which, whilst runs on the first iPad no problem, has a few features that make use of iPad 2’s boosted technical grunt.


For starters, owners of Apple’s new iPad will have full screen anti-aliasing to smooth out those visuals, in addition to fully modeled vehicle interiors, translucent windows, higher polygonal detail and better reflections.  There’s support for the iPad 2’s gyroscope too, for what Firemint tell us is “precision steering”.

Nicely, though, the game does run OK on the first iPad, but it’s clear that there’s a gulf between the two.  The graphics do look amazing, and players of the iPhone version will agree with me when I say the game itself is great too – it’s a remarkable racer and doesn’t feel compromised by the format at all.

We’ll have a hands-on with the game as soon as possible, albeit on an iPad 1

Get the game here.



  1. My wife is pretty smug about her impending iPad 2 purchase. I don’t think she’s realised that I’ll basically be stealing it as soon as the box is opened.

  2. Those screens look great. Firemint are pretty cool.

  3. Hmmmm, there’s quite a distance between the two iPad versions….

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