Firemint On How iPhone Games Can Have Serious Budgets

Real Racing 2 is one of the best racing games around just now – on any platform.  You can read why in our review, but an interview with developer Firemint’s Logan Booker over on Pocketful of Megabytes goes some way to showing how much money was invested in the game, along with a few other soundbites.

It’s a common misconception that iPhone games are purely throwaway casual experiences, there’s a number of ‘proper’ console quality games out there, and Real Racing 2 is absolutely one of them.  “We’ve gone all out for this version of the game,” said Booker, “adding anti-aliasing, enhanced reflections and high-detail objects and surfaces. It really is one of the most gorgeous games you can play on iPad 2.”


How did they achieve all this?  By spending a considerable amount of time and money on the project: eighteen months, and $2 million, to be exact.

That’s quite a budget.



  1. yeah it looks nice, but but does the gameplay live up to the graphics.
    and what will those pretty graphics cost the user when it comes time to buy the game?

    • Yep the gameplay is excellent. Its one of the few iphone game experiences I consider to be comparable to gaming on my ps3.

      I don’t know how much they will charge for the retweaked ipad 2 version but the version available now in the app store weighs in at slightly more expensive than a Mini at £3.99. Or half the price of most full PSN games or DLC.

      The review Alex links to in the article should answer your questions in a bit more depth.

  2. I still think there are too many limits to touchscreen-only games. As good as Real Racing 2 obviously is, the lack of manual gear changes or analogue acceleration and breaking means it will never trouble the likes of GT, Forza and Shift.
    That said, it’s great to see companies refusing to take the ‘easy way out’ and just making casual games but rather pushing all the areas that can be maximised and this title shows that you don’t have to be the master of the genre to be a fantastic game.

  3. Nice to see there are still some successful Aussie dev’s out there.

  4. Firemint on how Fire + Mint did not sell as well as they were hoping…

  5. I’ve just checked out Real Racing 2 on the iPhone 4 and the responsiveness does look very tight (for tilt-steering). I’m off to see if there’s a demo.

    Good to see mobile phone games being taken more and more seriously. Always worth remembering how much more powerful these phones are when compared to the last generation of consoles! Higher resolution, more memory, better textures, etc. They have it all.

  6. The Dead Space iPhone game is superb and I doubt that was cheap to knock up either.

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