SCEE Considering MotorStorm Apocalypse Delay

Gamespot is reporting that SCEE are currently considering changing the release date of Evolution’s MotorStorm Apocalypse after the events of late last week at the eleventh hour.

Following a delay of indeterminate length to the Japanese release of the game, Sony Europe have said that the UK release is “under discussion at the moment” without, at this point at least, confirmation either way. It was originally planned for this Friday.


Promotion for the game kicked up a notch recently with sponsorship deals on UK television, and it’s possible some retailers will already have copies ready for distribution.  It’s not known whether other regions in Europe will be affected.

For our views on the Japanese earthquake and ensuing news, click here.



  1. As I mentioned on the japan delay article, its no surprise as the game contains tsunamis and earthquakes, and a devastated city…. have apparently taken stock and holding back until tomorrow wednesday to post (they use 2nd class)

    • by taking stock i mean recieved the games lol, not acted on the japan catastrophe.

  2. Uh oh spaghetti-ohs. Just as well I don’t have this on my pre-order list anymore.

  3. NOOOO!!!!!! I can understand the delay in Japan but here in Europe?? It’s not like they are delaying games when people are getting killed in war and they make fps games.

    Really looking forward too the game :(

    • It’s appropriate IMO

    • Publishers use wars & conflicts for promotion opportunities (and I’m not talking about WWII or ‘Nam) in FPS – you only have to look at MoH last year & now BF3 in Tehran later this year

    • I don’t mind there’s like two games I want… So I’ll just get Yakuza 4

    • They are being very considerate as the content of the game could cause an outrage if they released it now.

  4. I honestly think it would be for the best to be delayed a tad bit, even if for at least a month or so until things have calmed down (not completely, mind, that’ll be a long time unfortunately). :(

    Sony absolutely don’t want negative press, and I can just see hate articles from the Guardian and the Daily Mail saying “Rawr… Sony have no souls” etc.

    Maybe another Demo with a multiplayer mode perhaps, would help ease those who desperately wanted this game in their possession before the week closes.

    Besides, if it’s delayed by about a month, I may have a replacement PS3 Slim by then and be able to buy this game at launch… ;)

    • Yup, Daily Fail would be all over it like a rash.

      Sony shouldn’t bow down to their views however, they should realise it could be seen by a sizeable amount of people to be in poor taste without newspaper intervention.

  5. Really don’t see why it should be delayed here, to be honest

  6. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I totally called this the other day.!/Paranoimia/status/46285403333984256

    Not that it took much… seemed a pretty obvious move to me.

    I personally don’t think it should be delayed. I mean, the game has been planned for ages, and wouldn’t cashing in on the disaster.

    But hey, we know what the media are like with these things, and people would totally overlook the 300 million Yen Sony are giving to the relief effort, and concentrate solely on the game and its “bad taste” – all of which I’m sure Sony could do without. So a delay is probably for the best.

  7. Oh man, I was really looking forward to this! I can wait a little while longer though, it’s not like I didn’t buy myself three games at the weekend anyway, lol.

  8. I think a small delay is appropriate out of respect for the continued things that are still happening. Like a TV show may reschedule a program for the same reason.

    • I agree, I don’t mind if it’s delayed. I’m not short of a good game or three that will keep me going until it’s released.

  9. It’s unfortunate, but a delay of approximately a month would be respectful.
    To all those saying that the disaster was a Japanese one, and it can still be released in Europe, you don’t understand just how many people move around, emigrate, have friends in different countries…

    I think a similar situation happened when the movie Gone Baby Gone was delayed because of the missing girl’s similarity to Madeline Mc Cann, who had only been reported missing a short time before the scheduled release.
    I think it was released on time in the US, although that might just have been because they normally have movies before us anyway, and could have released it before the news of the kidnapping broke.

  10. If they are going to delay the release of the game for a further week or so, I think that they should donate £5 from every copy sold to helping the Japanese! Who agrees ?

    • How about they delay it for a month or two, and everyone who was planning to buy it donates the cash to the relief effort?

      • Sony are already donating 300 million yen, so ‘they’ don’t need to give any more. The rest of us, however…

      • Yeah whilst that sounds like a great idea, my one was better! Meaning we get the game and the relief effort gets a percentage of the cash, win/win

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