Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Batman: Arkham City has gone live, and looks absolutely fantastic. The follow up to the smash hit, Arkham Asylum, this new game has a heck of a lot to live up to. Arkham City promises to be several times larger than  Asylum, with several new bad guys to beat the snot out of.

So far, so good – roll on October!


Source: VG247



  1. aw the vids down :( from the looks of it they had no sound so they are trying to fix it judging from the comments on IGN

    • Is it? I just watched it :-(

      • phew! i’ve been looking forward to this!

  2. The devs are fixing the video as we speak.

  3. Great stuff

  4. It’s working, and it’s looking (and sounding) real good.

    • Looks amazing, the already brilliant combat system looks even better. Wonder if there might be some co-op play featuring Catwoman?

      • they confirmed a month or two ago there will be no mp whatsoever

  5. Just bought Arkham Aslyum on Saturday… I know crazy! I can’t wait for the sequel which will be a day one buy <3

    • I bought Arkham Asylum on Thursday :D

  6. Supurb!!!

  7. Looks pretty good.

  8. Looks amazing, one of my most anticipated games of this year.

  9. I have red that the main story is 8 hours long if so i think thats poor for a game that soley supports single player.

    • the main story is 8 hours, yes, but thats with the developers paid Q&A people powering through the game to find out core playthrough time. They estimated at least 20-24 hours for the average action game player

  10. yesss!!
    thjat was totally worth getting a telling off at work for having the sound up on my PC
    “What’s that boss?…Yeah, Ok 2 ticks, I’ll be there in a minute”

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