New Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trailer

A new trailer for Operation Flashpoint: Red River has been released over on the EU PlayStation Blog, this time focusing on Sgt William Kirby. Kirby is a squad leader and Rifleman in Fireteam Outlaw 2 Bravo, and as such it is his leadership that will either see you eating victory cake, or failure pie.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I’ve been semi-tempted to get this for one reason only. It reminds me of SWAT 4 for the PC. Am I way off the mark with that one?

    • yeah kinda :P swat 4 if i remember correctly had an awesome co-op mode ? this is about a 1000x harder than swat alot more realistic i personally didnt enjoy the 1st operation flashpoint or dragon rising maybe because im just crap at FPS’ but it did seem kinda broken sometimes

      • im also incredibly sorry for that not really helping

  2. Kind of liking the look of this.

    Guy with red on him @ 1:14 bears remarkable resemblance to my online shooter performances.

  3. I was really disapointed with the last one , its the only game i ever traded in.

  4. I used to love the original Flashpoint for PC, so much so I picked it up for PS3 when it came out. I think it must have been nostalgia that made me buy it, because I sure didn’t enjoy it. It’s dated in every way, the only thing Flashpoint has going for it is realistic munitions damage (ie: one shot, one kill).

    This trailer would have been awesome… in 2001.

    Bring on BF3. Rip Flashpoint… I’ll remember you fondly.

  5. I was enjoying the trailer until they mentioned 9/11. As terrible as it was, does it *have* to be the reason for all Americans to join the military?

    • Whilst it make sense in the context of this situation it doesn’t excuse the random introduction of Chinese. The video specifically mentions Operation Enduring Shield which seems to be a reference to the real life Operation Enduring Freedom (war in Afghanistan) mixed with the 1990 Gulf War 1 (Operation Desert Shield). Having served in the former it annoys me to see such a weak tie in. At least MoH did it right (imho).

      It pretty much seems they just want to tug on a few (million) heart strings to make some sales. It was much better when Flashpoint was a random cold war escalation scenario.

      Now they feel they have to stay modern and bring terrorists into it (broadly: insurgents) but of course insurgents don’t have tanks and attack helicopters and fighter aircraft, hence the tenuous link to the Chinese.

  6. I really need to finish this Dragon Rising. Only got like 3 missions left on Hardcore. Bloody hard as the AI are useless, but I still enjoy playing online and co op aswell. So will get Dragon Rising done and get Red River on day 1.

  7. looks great, but its Codies. seriously gone off them after their previous outings.

  8. Is the graphics engine the same as the last? that would be the only thing to put me off as i really liked DR, but the graphics were very ps2 esq

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