Microsoft Think Halo: Reach Is Worth £50

Overnight, Microsoft added Halo: Reach – the latest installment of the hit series – to the Games On Demand service.

Ordinarily, this would be a good thing.  Having the ability to download games and have them stored on your hard drive for immediate access is often a blessing, and Reach is – as we said – a great game.


The kicker?  Microsoft want £49.99 for it.  That’s double what some online retailers are selling it at, albeit through third parties, and more than the boxed copy in most high street retailers.

I don’t know who thought that a penny under £50 was a fair price, but unless it drops considerably we’ll be sticking to playing Reach off a DVD.

You can buy it here.



  1. Haha, really Microsoft?
    I thought they were one of the companies most keen to push digital distribution? You’d think they would subsidise games heavily if they are serious about that.

  2. Digital copies of games are much more expensive than their DVD equivalents. I guess people are paying for convenience and potentially a permanent copy of that game….

  3. Halo reach @49.99 on games on demand these people who price these games need to go to there local game shops you can buy this new cheaper and pre-owned ( i’ve seen) for 17 quid. :?

  4. Really, Microsoft are trying to get as much money out of you as they can.. No, that doesn’t sound like them, this must be a mistake? They’re a truly wonderful company that even gives games away for free, remember Joy Ride, see, there nice people really. :)

  5. They’ve probably priced it that way as it’s going on sale (50% off iirc) sometime this month. Check major nelson’s blog post from the other day.

    • Well looks like it should have been this week.

      “Games on Demand Price Reduction Date

      Halo: Reach ONE WEEK ONLY – March 15-21” May be US only or perhaps Nelson posted it by mistake

  6. Agree 50 qiud for a game or even 30 quid for games which given a month or two lose there value and then 6 to 10 months later come on games on demand at the same or more than there first price. A big price to pay considering you can’t trade or sell game when completed so there is no turn around. Gamers Stop Paying These Prices And Maybe They Will Stop Ripping Us Gamers OFF!! :)

  7. I agree it is ridiculous. Sony is just as guilty for it though. Mass Effect 2 is overly priced on PSN.

  8. @pabloamigo

    LOL that’s nothing to do with it, so it’s allowed for companys to put there prices high because in a few days there having a price drop. So Halo Reach 49.99….price drop soon 39.99 yeeepppeeeeee ( can’t see it being less) the same as when first came out.

    • £50 will be RRP I would imagine so they aren’t ‘technically’ putting it at a higher price.

      But yeah, it’s like a DFS sofa sale or something.

      I reckon the price is a mistake and will be rectified soon though.

  9. sigh, another overinflated price for digital distribution. I really don’t understand Sony and MS’s logic behind doing this. The one good thing that should be pushed anout DD (digital distribution) is that it has no packaging, postal costs and less production costs (I would imagine, not having to burn it to disk) should make the games a damn sight cheaper than a physical release, but they’re not, they’re more. And prices like this where DD items are twice the price than retail is just completely insane and is the reason why DD will not take off as the main form of purchace. Which is a shame when you think that all the profit from DD goes straight into the producer’s pocket. I’ll stick with the walk to my local gamestation or wait the 5 days delivery period from, thanks though.

  10. Wouldn’t suprise me if MS (and Sony) have agreements with the big buyers of their games not to undercut them when selling direct. Might mean that they’re obliged to offer digital downloads at RRP so they’re not hurting their major customers sales. No idea if this is right, just random musing

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