Microsoft Think Halo: Reach Is Worth £50

Overnight, Microsoft added Halo: Reach – the latest installment of the hit series – to the Games On Demand service.

Ordinarily, this would be a good thing.  Having the ability to download games and have them stored on your hard drive for immediate access is often a blessing, and Reach is – as we said – a great game.

The kicker?  Microsoft want £49.99 for it.  That’s double what some online retailers are selling it at, albeit through third parties, and more than the boxed copy in most high street retailers.

I don’t know who thought that a penny under £50 was a fair price, but unless it drops considerably we’ll be sticking to playing Reach off a DVD.

You can buy it here.


  1. The main reason why these games on demand on consoles will always fail, inflated online prices are just a no no in this day and age.

  2. I bought Reach at the midnight release, and it wasn’t £50 then.

    • mine cost £27 from tesco on the day of release, although i did have to buy 2100ms points to get it for that price (£45 altogether). the game itself was still only £27 though. I bought the awesome trials hd and outrun online with my points…..still cheeper than xboxlive’s £50 for reach. Maybe they got the pricing idea from mass effect 2 on PSN….at £47.99, and that cost me £34.99 from morrisons. It seems that the big supermarkets have the best prices. Digital distribution—no box, instruction book or disc = about £10 to £15 more when you buy from PSN or XBOXLIVE….it makes no sense at all lol.

      • PSP games seem to be worse..assasins creed for PSP £12 from tesco or £23.99 from PSN. they need to sort out the pricing of these games because the list is massive.

  3. Ah, but it cost so much to distribute it digitally.

    • *costs

    • You got any breakdown figures to back that up? Digital distribution is nearly always cheaper (hence us seeing such keen prices for high-street products online). :-\

      • Im pretty sure that 4lf13 was being sarcastic.

      • For once bunimomike has not sensed humor XD

  4. Just pure Greed, that’s all

  5. Wouldn’t the fans mind though?

  6. Sony have done the same with overpriced digital content compared to retail. Guessing they dont want digital distribution to damage retail sales maybe?

  7. Are they having a laugh!

  8. I’d love to meet the idiots who set this price.

    “So we don’t have distribution costs, no DVD’s to produce or pressing costs, no cases and no booklets.

    Buyers’ hard disk will be full, it’ll take a bite out of their monthly download limit and they won’t have anything to sell second hand.

    It’s clear we have to make this double the price of the online retail. It’ll sell like hot cakes!”

    • And that’s the real kicker isn’t it, if you buy it digitally there is no way you can trade it in. Steam realises this and makes things cheaper accordingly, Sony and Microsoft still just don’t get it, make it cheap, make it digital and you can pretty much eliminate the trade in market without having to piss off the bricks and mortar retailers directly.

  9. Taking the pi$$?

  10. Microsoft money grabbing again? This can’t be right, surely?

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