Second Battlefield 3 Fault Line Video Released

A second Battlefield 3 video has surfaced showcasing the gorgeousness of EA’s upcoming shooter. Once again the footage is undoubtedly from the PC build, though it should be noted that EA DICE have confirmed that, though understandably “scaled down”, the console version of Battlefield 3 will still rock your world. Entitled: “Fault Line Episode 2: Good Effect on Target,” the snippet does not disappoint.

Note: the footage features some colourful language. That said, if I was on a rooftop and a sniper was shooting at me, you could expect to hear a few f-bombs.



  1. Saw this earlier. All I can say, is that I want this.

  2. Bloody hell! Amazing!

  3. wow.. nice..

  4. graphics look great.

  5. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Day 1. End of.

  6. Roll on Autumn! (gief commander please!) ;)

  7. Looks every bit good as Medal Of Honor is bad
    I’m keeping Medal Of Honor on the shelf for the Battlefield 3 beta…

    • I am going to have to buy Medal of Honor purely and simply to get a beta key , i rented the game and was really disappointed . Hopefully i can get a copy for no more than £15 quid soon , access to a Battlefield beta is well worth that kind of money .
      I remember the last one , it came out within 7 days of MW2 and i never returned to MW2 after that and spent a crapload of hours on the Arica Harbour beta lvl .

      • Same here! As long as I get the beta code the medal of honour game disc won’t even make it in my PS3.
        In fact they should let all players who reached rank 50 on BFBC2 get into the beta.

  8. Oh jesus. I think I’m gonna go pay for this right now. Looks stunning and so awesome.

  9. Puuuuuuuuuurty! Do want!

  10. This looks incredible, all I can say is, if this looks half as good as this on PS3, I’m SOLD!

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