Killzone 3 Hits 1.06, Skipping 1.05

Guerrilla’s Killzone 3 has been updated to version 1.06 today, with the developers claiming it will fix “some performance issues” on the client side.

The patch, which needs to be downloaded from your PS3 as normal, ties in with a brief spell of downtime for the online servers this morning.  Together, the two sets of changes will mean that your multiplayer games should flow a lot better.

The arrival of 1.06 means that Guerrilla skipped 1.05, which was to fix “score processing” issues, something that’s been included in this newer patch anyway.

Let us know how you get on.


  1. this is good news. GG doing really well patching, although to be honest this game still feels half finished, with so many problems. Hopefully this sorts the lag out which has been getting beyond a joke.

    • Yeah, that doesnt sound too good eh BB,

      Gonna give the MP a go soon, played the Campaign and effing loved it, hope its all good when I hit the MP side.

      • single player is far too short roll on killzone 4

      • I thought the single player was short, but played it again on elite. Well worth a second run-through.

  2. Just ordered the Helghast edition today for £39.99, looking forward to getting stuck into this.

    • Is that the one with the Hig head? Oh man, that’s $250 in Australia :(

      • Yeah, that’s the one. HMV have it on offer atm. They only ship to the UK sorr :(

    • Must have all gone now. Cannot find on HMV site. Shame would have liked this.

  3. I’ll give this a go again today. I haven’t played MP since it takes me forever to get in a match 2 weeks ago. While I’m at it, I guess I’ll play campaign again on Elite

    • i dont play MP atm because i dont like 20+ player matches filled with people who think they are one man armies going solo instead of doing a job. Not to mention the more players there are the more it turns into a battle to get out of your base.
      Needs much more than stability fixes for me, much much more.

  4. Great to see them supporting it well. How hard is Elite?

    • not very, I did it but i cant do the Blops one. A bit harder than MoH elite. So yeah, challenging in parts but a cake walk for big FPS players.

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