PopCap Games Discounted to Help Japan

After the devastating earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, a lot of people are doing their part to help the relief effort. Quite rightly, too; Japan definitely need all the help that they can get right now.

It’s great news, then, that PopCap are discounting all of their iPhone and iPod Touch games including Peggle, Bejeweled, Chuzzle, Bookworm and Plants Vs. Zombies to just $0.99 (presumably £0.59 for us Brits) until Sunday night, with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross. The iPad equivalents will be discounted to $1.99 (£1.19 over this side of the pond going by Apple’s usual currency conversion).


This is a great chance to help Japan and equally a great chance to pick up some fantastic games at discounted prices; I couldn’t put Plants Vs. Zombies down when I first played it and had a similar experience with both Peggle and Bejeweled. I urge you to spend just 59p on each of these games, as not only will you have great fun playing them, but any money that goes to those struggling to recover from the recent events in Japan (even as little as 59p – it all adds up) will be really helpful.

And thank you, PopCap.

Source: Press Release



  1. Ahh curses, if they were on Android I’d be all over this…

    • Agree, we need something similar for Android!

      Also maybe I just missed the article about in here, but you can also donate to Japan from the PSN store now. 100% goes to Red Cross and their work in Japan.

      • Never heard of that surprisingly.

      • Oh
        “There is a big link on the What’s New section on the PS3 XMB, you can’t miss it and there is even a £2 donation so you really have no excuse.”
        Found it.

  2. I’ve not long had an iPhone so while I have a few of these games on other formats, I have none on that.
    I’ve purchased them all, it’s hardly going to break the bank and it’s good to be able to give something /and/ get some brilliant games too.
    Also, Rosecliff Island is part of it too, I’ve never even heard of it before it’s on my iPhone now so I’ll take a look at some point.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Just as a mention too, DrNate started a forum thread about being able to donate via the PS Store, so if anyone has a few spare pound … :) you get a snazzy theme too.

    • There is a big link on the What’s New section on the PS3 XMB, you can’t miss it and there is even a £2 donation so you really have no excuse.

  3. It should also be noted that Street Fighter IV has dropped to 59p all proceeds going to the Japan earthquake.
    Also SEGA has dropped the price of all its Sonic games, all the proceeds going to the Japanese earthquake as well. There is also a way of donating to the disaster via the Red Cross though the app store (should find this under the featured section of the app store on your iOS device)

  4. I was thinking the PSN Store could release an Avatar so proceeds could go the the Japanese Red Cross….

  5. I would urge everyone to donate, even if it’s only a few pounds. It’s so, so easy to do through the PSN and every pound will make a difference. Chris Moyles managed to raise 2 mill from his listeners for Comic Relief from £1 donations, so even the smallest donation from the combined efforts of the gaming community is going to add up to a significant amount.

    Even if you can’t reach your PS3, you can donate to the Red Cross site right now at:

    So get off TSA and make a difference!

  6. This is great that people are getting on board. Just purchased Peggle, PvZ and Bejeweled. Will donate through PSN at some point too.

  7. As other people have linked, it’s quite possibly much better to put money into the Red Cross directly (Or via links on iTunes etc.). AFTER you’ve done that, pick up games on sale etc. etc. as additional donations.

    There’s tons of other ways, Threadless is holding a tshirt design comp, where all the profits from the winning design’s production run will be passed to the red cross.

  8. Great stuff, Popcap. I’ve got pretty much everything I need from them but have jumped on the PS Store to make a direct donation.

  9. Donated!

  10. it’s quite heartening to see how many in the games industry have responded to this disaster, both the publishers and the gamers, i don’t have an iphone or touch but i have donated via the psn, not much, just a fiver.
    good to see sony make it really easy to donate too.

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