Silent Hill: Downpour To Feature Multiplayer?

In a recent interview with XBOX 360 Magazine Italy, Silent Hill art director Radek Marek fired up the rumour mill when asked whether Downpour would include a multiplayer component. Marek replied:


At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the Multiplayer. We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill.

The survival horror genre is no stranger to online multiplayer, especially in recent years with some titles including Left 4 Dead actually making this aspect a key focus. With that said Silent Hill has always centred around the town itself, substituting raw action for suspense and mystery, elements which are almost impossible to translate into a multiplayer experience.

With some Japanese publishers and developers accused of being behind the curve, is this Konami’s attempt to mount the world stage once more, or simply an effort to diversify a series which has been in circulation for over a decade?

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  1. Silent Hill is already ruined anyway (well since 4!) But I think multiplayer would destroy this!

    Silent Hill is about atmosphere, the tense moments where you believe something will happen and it doesn’t followed by the moment of relaxing into the game and then the creatures attack…a multiplayer L4D style would be utter shite for the simple reason of destroying the atmosphere.

    Keep Silent Hill single player and devs if you’re reading this keep it psychological and not an action orientated game…

    • I don’t get why people hate SH4 so much, it was a new idea, and it was a pretty decent game in the series. I loved the fact that your room was turning into an evil cesspit (now that is atmosphere)

      can’t really say anything about any of the others that came after that though.

      as for multiplayer, a co-op option could work, I’m thinking dual puzzles where you need to people to work them out.

      not sure what could be done for multiplayer, apart from team based puzzles, as an all out vs mode would just be an odd thing to do…though I wouldn’t mind getting the chance to play as PH :)

      • oh, yeah…5 was alright too…forgot about that one…

  2. I give up…

    • Any game developers looking to systematically ruin a franchise and then drop a massive turd on it’s legacy from a great height, follow the Silent Hill series as an example.

  3. If /ever/ there was a game what did not need an mp mode, it’s this.
    I’m hopeful for this game but the more I learn about it, the less convinced I am that it’ll be any use. Here’s hoping however.

  4. I agree with previous comments, multiplayer would push Silent Hill out of its own genre completely.

    On the other hand, I think online two-player campaign co-op could work, if the two individual characters got separated at certain points and had to fight creatures and solve puzzles to reunite…

    • But what’s the point? It’s not like you can use chat features doing that, it’ll ruin any atmosphere completely.. not to mention render the whole separation thing totally pointless.

      Sorry, but the article has made me sad. I LOVE the Silent Hill games up to 4, after that they haven’t done anything right.

      In my opinion they have two option:
      1) Give it up and let it die with some dignity left
      2) Get Team Silent back together and do it properly.

      • Number 2 please, Bob.

      • I’d rather have two as well..

        Infact, I would happily give up gaming for an entire year if that would make it happen.

  5. On the topic of silent hill, is Silent Hill: Homecoming worth picking up? ive seen it cheap but after playing Silent Hill: The Room and not being scared at all, just at the start it was tense as i thought it would be scary as the ps1 counterparts were…

    • No. It’s the worst of the series by a country mile.

      1 and 3 are the ‘scariest’ ones in my opinion.

      If you’re looking for something to scary to play try Siren Blood Curse.

      • yes, but please play the original version as the American remake is a wobbly children’s toy with icing on it compared to its Japanese counterpart.

      • Hell yeah, Siren Blood Curse is excellent and for me felt like the last decent survival horror that I have played!

    • Oh and Online Multiplayer wont work, you would get 2 friends talking about other things, and they would forget about the atmosphere.. Silent hill is a game to play alone or with your girlfriend/friend in the dark, and even then if you start casually talking the atmosphere is potentially ruined

  6. If by multiplayer they mean a co-op story mode then fine, but they’re talking about a seperate chapter so it’s unlikely.
    I’m just hoping for a good sp game this time.

  7. I could see myself enjoying a MP game set in Silent Hill, but it would take careful consideration and would have to be a stand alone game. The whole point of Silent Hill is solitude, so I wouldst want MP features anywhere near the SP.

  8. Demon’s Souls proved that an online multiplayer mode can still be atmospheric. I don’t know what kind of mode they’re considering for Silent Hill, but I doubt it would be a ‘L4D group of dudes run around shooting monsters’ style.

    Everyone seems to assume that the SH games have been on a steady downward trajectory, but I thought Shattered Memories was a worthy entry in the series.

    • I wish I could speak more intelligently about the series, but I have only played the first.

      It would be foolish for Konami to shoehorn a L4D-style mode into Downpour; personally I think it will be a wave-by-wave shoot-out similar to that seen in Gears/Uncharted/CoD.

  9. I have one thing to say to people who are saying all these ‘so and so games proved that multiplayer can work for bla-bla genre. I don’t care can we just have some games that can retain some fidelity to the principle of the series. Not every bloody game needs multiplayer.

    That said there have been various games throughout the series where you are accompanied by another character. Maria from SH2 and Cynthia/Eileen Galvin from SH4 so if a separate mode included from these characters perspective were to be included featuring periodic multiplayer it wouldn’t be a total tragedy or unknown. I do not want Vatra shoe-horning in MP just because it is currently popular though, Silent Hill Homecoming, if anything was definitive proof that this doesn’t work.

    • Well, you write off multiplayer to begin with but then posit a way in how it might work, which is all I was trying to do. I absolutely don’t expect it to be good, but you can always hope…

  10. Unfortunately when series sequels like Uncharted 2 and Dead Space 2 post greater sales when multiplayer is included and ofcourse multiplayer behemoths like COD posting great sales, its only normal business for others to follow suit. The only one I can think of to disprove the theory is Bioshock 2.

    However the annoying thing is in that both Uncharted 2 and Dead Space 2 the story and overall presentation and experience was better, reviews showed this and this is probably the reason for greater numbers (in addition to brand recognition etc). Multiplayer probably had nothing to do with it. Kinda works for Bioshock 2 aswell, the game recieved worse reviews than the first and sales fell, regardless of the multiplayer or not.

    • For me, Bioshock 2 was the most enjoyable multiplayer component of any game last year, bar Assassin’s Creed. It worked wonders for Uncharted 2 as well and will become an even bigger focus in UC3.

      As for Dead Space 2, the online works, though the total lack of content (more maps, game types, custom options) makes it feel completely tacked on.

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