DCUO March Content Update Detailed

It’s been a little while since we last heard from super-powered PS3/PC MMO, DC Universe Online (our review.) Upon release, Sony Online Entertainment assured the DCUO playerbase that “almost monthly” content updates would be pushed through the doors; with a monthly sub of £10 and a level cap which can be hit within a fortnight, for some these updates are the only thing keeping them logging in day after day.


Last month saw the emergence of Catwoman, coming in tow with a brand new mission, a Valentine’s world event, and numerous other updates including the second stage of the Batcave Raid. March’s content haul is looking a little slimmer than February’s, but keep in mind that the following list hasn’t been finalised:

  • Two-Face Instance: You follow Two-Face into Penguin’s hideout and try to take out the bird’s smuggling operation. Two-Face will either “help or hinder your efforts” based on a coin flip.
  • Legends PvP: Two-Face becomes a playable character in “Play as Iconic” PvP mode.
  • New Fixes: Look for improvements to social aspects of the game, grouping and server stability. There are some new abilities, too.
  • Batcave 3 Raid: The third — and final — Batcave raid pits Level 30 players against an OMAC-infected Batman who has teamed up with Brainiac’s Avatar of Technology.

The Two-Face instance is certainly the highlight of the latest update, though it isn’t specified if this mission will become available to heroes too, and what level players must be to participate. A release date for these new features haven’t been confirmed, though they should be expected to launch over the next couple of weeks.

Source: IGN



  1. I really want this game…..

    • Me too, once I get this ever increasing Back Log covered Ill get this.

    • Friendly advice. Wait a couple of months for the developers to add more content before getting this game. As it stands now, there’s not much to do after about a month max, even if you are a casual gamer.

  2. I need to get back into this, I still haven’t hit lvl 30 yet so have got a load of events left! Standard plug, if anyone has this add me (same username), we can get some team play going.

  3. Still loving this game

  4. This was my very first mmo. My friend who’s BIG into them pushed me to get it, and then he dropped out to play RIFT instead. I had a good experience although the chatting system wasnt working at the time. One thing I was a little put off of though, was the fact that once you install it on your ps3 (a 2 hour process I might add) it’s your game for good. No reselling, no lending etc. I think they should have at least used a pre paid code that anyone could buy to play a used game. Lots of people are missing out

    • It only locks to your PS3 if you use the 30 day code, I’ve got an ex rental version that works on mine, still haven’t redeemed the code yet either.

  5. If anyone is looking for a fairly relaxed league with no requirements on level, gear or playing time, give me a shout – we have two regular events a week, and plenty of friendly members on most evenings and weekends.

    • Any contact details there matey? It would be great to find a group of players.

      • We have a site at http://earthguardians.guildportal.com (it’s graphically shocking, but it’s just a free guildhosting site) where you can sign up for the league, or drop one of Zeitgeist, Shadower or Diebuster a line within DCUO to have a chat.

        Our next event is Wednesday starting at 8pm GMT for level 30 content, but we have guys on most nights who will group with you to complete the levelling quests if you’re not a 30 yet.

      • Edit, I should also add that we’re on For All Seasons.

      • ” we’re on For All Seasons” – is that code for saying you’re bisexual?

    • I think that’s the one EU server I *don’t* have a character on :(

  6. are they always going to be focusing on batman and his rogues gallery?

    anyway, i may play again one day, but not this month.

    • The description says “The third — and final — Batcave raid”, so presumably the next update will probably be to do with Superman, at a guess.
      Mind you, they said they would do monthly small updates, then a big content update every third month, so the next one should be a biggie…

  7. There’s a big interview with Chris Cao over on Joystiq that goes into a lot more detail on this content – http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/03/21/chris-cao-dcuos-update-2-is-all-about-chance/
    Some interesting content lined up, like updated Lantern missions, and the Fortress of Solitude being invaded…

  8. Nice update love the raids

    insult lv 30 CROSSFIRE SERVER

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