Homefront Tops The UK Chart

Despite causing a bit of a fracas, Homefront has topped the UK Chart for the week ending March 19th. Dragon Age II is still going strong at number two, PC only Shogun 2 is in at four, with both Pokemon games rounding off the top five.

Killzone 3 appears to have out-lasted Bulletstorm which no longer frequents the top ten, and Top Spin 4 debuts at thirteen. Our review of that goes live later today.


1. Homefront (THQ)
2. Dragon Age II (EA)
3. Pokemon White (Nintendo)
4. Shogun 2: Total War (Sega)
5. Pokemon Black (Nintendo)
6. Fight Night Champion (EA)
7. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft)
8. FIFA 11 (EA)
9. Killzone 3 (Sony)
10. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Ubisoft)

Source: MCV



  1. I’m really conflicted about getting Homefront. This just adds to that confusion!

    • I’ve hear so many conflicting views, some people love it, some people hate it. Think i’m gonna leave it for now and maybe pick it up in a few months for cheap

    • I bought it friday, story mode is meh and online is like COD Blops, but with the battle points its a refreshing addition

      • thats exactly what ive heard, people say the campiagn is great but others say its very short, some say the mp is awesome when other believe its a COD rip off, very mixed reviews of the game so im with you spikeymikey on leaving it for a while

  2. I’m getting this when it’s cheaper. Hope the campaign is half decent.

  3. hope they fix online asap on homfront frezes my PS3 everytime I

    • go online. dam.

      • it froze my game when i first got a attack chopper .. i was like hell yeah this is cool then i was like wtf nooooo…i like multiplayer but its so hard to get into a game an when i do get into one it freezes on me..

    • Mine did this near the end of a game, i`d done really well in it and when i restarted i had lost all my XP…poo!

  4. No surprises, good to see that Call of Duty is gone but Homefront seems to be much worse.

    There hasn’t been a good shooter since Borderlands are the people (yobs cause who else isn’t super-nerd-gamers?) of Great Britain that idiotic when it comes to hype?

    • Its not about falling for the hype. It’s about something new and a new experience. That is why I bought Homefront.

      Unfortunately, due to the very nature of FPS game, they will always be a ‘camera with a gun’ experience but it graphics and game mechanic (like Battle Points) that change the experience.

  5. Sales shouldn’t really add to the confusion, as they don’t suggest whether a game is good or not. However, could sort of indicate how many people will be playing Homefront online.

    Personally, I will wait a few months and then pick it up; I’m a huge FPS fan, but since World at War, only Bioshock 2 has sated my preferences in multiplayer shooters.

    • You should try Crysis 2. All the bad press its getting is rubbish. It is a stunning game for a console. Killzone 3 pales in comparison to it single player story wise.

      • I have to say i was disappointed by the KZ3 campaign length – and i thought the last few chapters were poor.

      • You will love Crysis 2 then as its quite a long campaign, with a lot of re playability. Go stealthy or go guns blazing.

    • You might want to try Singularity multiplayer, I was quite surprised by it. Its a mixture of 3rf and 1st person shooter – if only the servers were more capable..

  6. There must be a lot of Xbox 360 sales this week; Killzone 3 is second on the PS3 chart.

  7. I have homefront and as above if the freezes were fixed this would make online better tho at 2am I struggle to find games

    • I’m in the same situation but have found that if you do skirmish games it doesn’t crash as often but whilst online don’t go into the armoury. Makes at least playable until we get a fix. Took a party of 6th online this way last night and seemed more stable.

  8. The game looks pretty good to me but I’m not sure if it is a buy or a rent at the moment. The single player looks decent but the 5 hour length definately puts me off a bit…

    I would imagine Bulletstorm has fallen out of the charts as people have now been told they can get into the Gears3 beta by simply ordering Gears rather than buying a game most people aren’t that interested in and were only buying to secure their place in the beta. Was some very underhanded marketing on Epic’s part imo.

  9. I really can’t wait for the day when first person shooters aren’t the dominating genre.

  10. Come on KZ3!!!!!

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