PSP God Of War Devs Readying New IP

According to new job listings over at CreativeHeads, God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta developers Ready At Dawn are “currently in development of a new IP” which is being classed as a “3rd person action adventure.”

You’ll know Ready at Dawn as they’re the developers behind this generation’s best God Of War game, Ghost of Sparta.


So, whilst it’s not groundbreaking news that whatever they’re working on isn’t another God of War game (it’s a new IP) what is interesting is that, according to the job listings, it’s for “the home console” – so that pretty much rules out PSP or NGP.

They also claim that the new intellectual property is ‘AAA’, suggesting that they’re confident in what they’re working on.  Let’s hope they’ve found a publisher.

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. Awesome devs, can’t wait to see what this new game will become

  2. I hope they will still make Sony exklusive :(

  3. After the success of both their GOW titles, perhaps it could be published by Sony?

    • Sony would be stupid not to publish does talent developers.

      • Huh?

      • They’ll be foolish not to publsh a game from such a talented dev

  4. My moneys on Jak and Dexter 4, considering Naughty Dog are busy with Uncharted 3 and of course PS Move heros bringing Jak black to life….

    it just seems like it would make sense to be created by a third party.

    (unless its something completely new and not already existent in which case i have no clue)

    • I’ll take that bet seeing as Jak & Daxter isn’t a new IP ;-)

    • Dexter!?!

  5. Hope it’s as good as their previous efforts.

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