MotorStorm Releasing Next Week

MotorStorm Apocalypse, sensitively delayed because of the (still) ongoing earthquake-led troubles in Japan, now has a UK release date.

According to MCV, the game will hit UK shelves next Thursday (if not before) – the official date now being the 31st of March.


In the meantime, you can read our review of the game here, in which we described it as a brilliant arcade racer with more than enough to keep you busy.

See you out there.



  1. I will be getting this day one.

  2. Was thinking about getting it until I played the demo. Yuck. Still prefer the original game.

    • Wasn’t impressed by the demo. Ill wait for further reviews and maybe the bargain bin. Or LoveFilm it before buying.

      • Definately. The others plummeted in price pretty quickly so hopefully this one does the same, as the 4 player split screen options would make the game worth a buy at £5 to £10 imo

    • The demo level is far from the best course in the game.

      • So the rest of the game must be terrible.

      • It went down massively in my estimations after playing the demo as well, but then I loved Pacific Rift and I thought the demo for that was crap too.

        I dunno, I just expected to be wowed and ended up being very underwhelmed.

  3. Glad to hear it’s not being released too late but enough to show respect. Nicely done Sony.

  4. they need to sort out the freezing issues pretty quick. trying to get into an online game, it freezes up. try playing split screen, again same problem. need to turn off the the ps3 to get the game going. really annoying as the single player is tons of fun.

  5. Rather annoyed at Play for their completely crap communications with this. I got the dispatch email, but then they changed their mind, cancelled my order, and placed a new one on my behalf WITHOUT TELLING ME.

    So stupidly inept in the customer services, I’ll never pre-order from them again. It was only because I had some store credit that I went with them anyway. Bah!

    • Really? I got mine last Friday!, I also bought with credit – from the games I sold the previous month.

      I’m glad I got it, the graphics are awesome, the massive scale deformation of the tracks is breathtaking.

  6. good quite annoying to just hear spanish all the time.Hopefully the fix the online now.

  7. Was in town this morning and our local Game store manager told me they had delayed this because of Japans disaster.I’m all for sensitivity but huh?,It has earthquakes in it he says.
    Not a problem as i have Fallout Dlc to play and i’m still working my way through Homefront.
    Anyways good to see it’s still out and now with added sensitivity.

    • Nothing like walking around in a post apocalyptic land scavenging for food and items to kill time.

  8. Can’t wait, looking forward to playing in 3D. The 3D trailer is fantasic.

  9. I like this

  10. Was lucky enough to get this today, it’s awesome awesome awsome :)

    • My copy fell through the letterbox this morning.

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