PS3 3D InfoGraphic – 20% Of KZ3 Demo Downloads Were 3D

I think someone at Sony must have spent the early afternoon browsing TSA. Hot on the heels of our Weekly Discussion all about 3D and how valuable it is to a gaming experience, comes this fancy infographic from the gaming giant.

Apparently, 20% of all demo downloads for Killzone 3 were the 3D version. The graphic serves to give a little marketing push for the upcoming 3D content too, listing many anticipated games and films before leaving us with the shocking statistic that, in one week, 83,000 instances of a first look at the making of a 3D swimsuit calendar were downloaded.


We assume that’s the most downloaded piece of 3D content (or Sony would have picked a different flag to wave, surely?) and 83,000 doesn’t sound like all that many to us. Especially when it’s 3D, swimsuit-clad boobs, something we assume will be incredibly tempting for many early 3D adopters.

So, as we asked (in a way…) in our Weekly Discussion, is 3D catching on in a big way or is it just another here-today-gone-tomorrow gimmick?

Source: PS Blog



  1. Its time for 3D t take hold. Once you have played through a good game in 3D its a no brainer.3D is a great add on to a game for both serious and casual types a like.

  2. It’s just like the internet, as soon as you can get boobs on it, it’ll take off. Military network? Who cares. Boobies? Where do I sign up?

    • Ah, boobies.

      Give me my 3DD.

    • porn (and I am including softer, tasteful titilation for the purposes of this argument) is the driving force in every home video system since television.
      Would VHS have taken off without the blueys?
      DVD was milling along nicely but it really caught on when porn producers started shipping on disc.
      Blu-ray hasn’t quite taken off universally yet – not much porn available.
      The internet, alright, I like being able to look at Wikipedia but mostly I like looking at the Urban Dictionary for new porn terms to search for. And let’s not be coy about just exactly what the reasons for fibre optic super fast broadband are – high def, streaming lady parts.

      • “high def, streaming lady parts.”
        Fine quote if ever i saw one! :)

      • I’ll be honest, fella. I’m not a big fan of lady parts that stream.

      • Cb’s porn habit have come to light.

      • LOL CB & bunimomike!

      • The internet is NOT for Hi def lady parts, it’s for lolcats, TSA, stalking Lewis Gaston’s beard and pictures of Tom Hardy in his boxing shorts.

  3. I’ll probably wait until the end of the year, maybe Christmas, before I leap on the 3D train. I am impressed by it but it’s just very expensive at the moment considering my TV is far from needing an upgrade.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish i had a 3DTV :(

  5. Still not interested, but 3d boobs could sway me. Erm Wife? Can we get a 3d TV please? Why? Well I want to play kz3 and look at 3d boobs and stuff? Errrrrm, ok then……….then I wake up.

    • my girlfriend has 3d boobies as it is . . .

      • Pics or it didn’t happen.

      • ok ya got my there actually 2d :(

      • ha ha, my wife actually has pretty big 3d boobs

  6. im getting a 50″ 3dtv soon so the more 3d content the better as far as im concerned

  7. They’re working very hard to convince us that it’s doing well. It’s not. It’s underachieving from what I’ve seen. Still, I’m happy to wait patiently until the content is truly there to tempt me. Maybe in two or three years time but definitely not for me now (or any time soon).

    • I’m with you on this still. It hasn’t grabbed me and the films in the new 3d have actually put me off it. If some more games come out that are fantastic and create something new in gaming, then fair enough. But at the moment nothing has.

  8. but i’m guessing a few people who didn’t have a 3dtv downloaded that sports illustrated video anyway. :)

  9. 3D meh, 36D much better ;)

  10. Having had a 3D TV since August, I can say that I don’t think consoles are ready for 3D yet. Killzone 3 had a nice 3D effect, but it sacrificed the graphics so much that I ended up playing in 2D before long. Once more powerful consoles appear that can do 3D without sacrificing visual quality, I think 3D gaming will become more viable. Saying that though, Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D is amazing on my TV, so films are definitely what’s pushing 3D ahead at the moment.

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