PlayStation 3 Celebrates Its 4th Birthday

Today sees Sony celebrate the PlayStation 3’s fourth birthday in Europe. Our beloved black box has had somewhat of a difficult journey; plagued by a launch price beyond the reach of many; wounded by an uninspiring launch line-up, and battered by early ports that paled in comparison to their Xbox 360 counterparts.


How things have changed though, and we don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that this year is the year of the PS3. Only three months in and we’ve been given LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, and MotorStorm Apocalypse. Looking further down the line sees titles such as InFamous 2, Journey, and Uncharted 3.

Happy birthday PS3; here’s to another four years!



  1. Wow, 4 years already! So this is the year for PS3 and we’re only just comming up to the half of the originally proposed 10 year life cycle of the machine! Can’t wait for even more PS3 goodness to come!

  2. So much more to come too :D

    • Yeah, at lot more to come.
      My 360 has been just an ornament for eons.

  3. Hope they’ll come with an awesome PSN update to celebrate this! ^^

    • Nope, there’s literally nout, all filler content as I like to call it.

  4. Doesn’t feel that long … though I guess I’m on my 4th machine too. Hope I don’t need a new one every year.

    • the gift that kinda keeps on giving.

  5. Ah, we love you PS3. I would buy you cake if only it wasn’t a lie…

    • did this comment make anyone else shudder or was it just me?, SO sick of that phrase!

      • At least you probably don’t work with a guy that has the Tshirt.

      • The big irony of course being that the cake was, in fact, real

    • Um, 2007 called. It wants its meme back

      • My mate attended someone’s birthday recently and it had “The Cake Is a Lie” iced across the top. My mate was the only one not clapping or singing happy birthday. To be fair, he’d self-induced an out-of-body experience and was probably in his happy place when troubled times (like this) happen.

    • Frankie says Relax.

  6. I’d appreciate this moment a lot more if both of my PS3‘s would actually work. :(

    But anyway,
    Happy Birthday PlayStation® 3!!!

  7. maybe there’ll be something cool on the PSN Store update today.


    • It’s the PS3’s birthday. Not yours! :-)

  8. My actual console is also 4 then. I am still on my launch day machine. Woop

    • I’m on launch day 60gigger number three. Saying that, the last one has been wrapped in it’s enviromentally friendly bag for about 16 months now as I use a PS3 slim instead. I hear CP 60giggers are rare beasts nowadays, perhaps sony would like to buy it back off me.

  9. I’m sure every year someone says “This year is the year of the PS3” and it never quite is. Still maybe this time it could be true.

  10. Cripes, I still remember skiving off from a day of lectures at Uni and buying my PS3 day of release, just to play Resistance and Motorstorm. For added fun, I drew the money out in cash just to get a reaction out of the people in Argos. *Sigh* good times. But you are definately right, the first 2 years of being a PS3 owner were, for lack of a better term, shite. Much better now though :)

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