The Witcher: Versus & FF III Hit The App Store

It’s a good day for iOS fans as two big names hit the App Store. First up is The Witcher: Verses, which sees you duel against other people online using one of three classes. It’s on sale today for 59p.


On the other end of the spectrum is Final Fantasy III with a slightly higher price of £9.49 (or 16 Tiny Wings). There is a lot of content for the money though. The story revolves around four orphaned youths drawn to a crystal of light. The crystal grants them some of its power, and instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Source: VG247 1, 2, YouTube



  1. Ooh, I wanted to get get this one back when we had a working DS. I’m glad they ported the remake rather than the original FF3.

  2. what i don’t get is why they can’t port that version if ffiii over to the psp as well.

    i would totally buy it.

    • Yes, it is a shame. It’s like the upcoming FF4 collection for PSP is going to be the old one rather than the DS remake. Boo.

  3. Visually it is very appealing but I don’t see myself spending 13€ for an iPhone game. I bought a 79c RPG that I played for a total of 30 minutes. It wasn’t boring or anything but I prefer playing in short bursts on the iPhone and enjoy longer games on the PC or the PS3. I’ll have to see if this attitude changes with the NGP or when I get a tablet in my hands.

  4. So expensive >_<

  5. Now that is a cellphone game i would buy if i had an iphone it has a story

  6. The Witcher Versus looks wash though, it really doesn’t look like a good game….

  7. Quitre pricey, but surely worth it.

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