Final Fantasy III Coming To iOS

Yesterday, Japanese publishing titan Square Enix launched a new website, teasing Final Fantasy III for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is set to release next month, though the official webpage doesn’t offer any additional information; no screenshots or even a trailer.


However, if you take a closer look at the Final Fantasy III logo, you will notice that it looks almost exactly the same as the one used in the DS version, a 3D revamp which launched in 2006. This prompts the questions as to whether the iOS port will follow suit, and if so, how will the platform manage the gameplay structure, which was originally designed for dual screens?

Source: Final Fantasy III iOS Official Website



  1. i’d like to see a version of the ds game on psp or ps3, or better yet a mini so i could use it on both.

  2. Haven’t they done the same with FF1 and 2 or were they on iPhone before DS?

  3. Always good to see more FF but III (and VII in HD, but that’s a given) is the one I’d really like to see re-done on home consoles.

  4. Next March ? As in 2012 ?

    • I was wondering about this too. Anyone clear this up?

      • It was a typo/moment of negligence. The game is launching next month, though a price has yet to be confirmed.

      • Awsome. If it’s the DS version then I’ll be one happy chappy. Maybe even get it as a birthday present !!

      • Cheers, I’m much happier now!

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