Final Fantasy III iOS Details Emerge

Square Enix released some new details regarding the iOS port of Final Fantasy III. The company confirmed that the game is indeed an adaptation of the Nintendo DS remake, just as we speculated.


Due to release in March, Final Fantasy III iOS will feature fully 3D character models and environments with higher resolution graphics and improved audio. Square Enix states that the DS version’s job system has also been completely overhauled. Unfortunately, those are all the details officially released so far.

As always, we’ll keep you updated once more information becomes available.

Source: Square Enix



  1. Having not got round to buying the DS version, I’m really rather excited by this development.

  2. I had the DS version and I really enjoyed it, if this is a decent price I’ll definitely buy it again just because it’s far easier to play on my iPod than it is on my DS.

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