Blog Claims Agent Footage For E3 2011

Out of nowhere, gaming blog VGHQ claims to know something nobody else knows: that Sony will be showing “jaw dropping” footage of PS3-exclusive Agent at E3 2011 this year.

“A tipster has told me that Sony are seemingly preparing to show a “jaw-dropping” footage of Agent for the upcoming E3 taking place this June,” says the site.

“It’ll apparently contain over tw0 minutes of pure gameplay footage and will be followed by the first official details of the title. The release date is also expected to be a 2012 date.”

We’ve checked with RockStar and Sony and will report back if either company decide to comment.

Agent was our 60th most anticipated game this year.


  1. Maybe, maybe not – so what!

  2. interesting is what

  3. I hope so, I’m already hyped about this game, I know barely anything about it.

    • You dont know barely anything about it, everyone knows barely anything about it, other than those rockstarerz.

  4. whats up with them spelling ‘two’ with a 0 instead of a o??

    • n0 idea.

    • Because it’s the number before thr33.

    • 4or goodness sake, this is ridiculou5!

    • I a6ree, 7his is 8u7chery of lan6ua6e.

    • 7H35!X7H4X!5 JU57 1057 411 !75 (23d!8!1!7Y

    • Aquastyle lost it completely

      • Aquastyle just lost all credibility, I’d say.

  5. just a few months to go so until we see what’s it all about, looking forward to it!

  6. About bloody time!! I’ve been waiting for details on this since e3 2009!! I’ve loved every one of R*Norths games to date, so I’m sure they’ll deliver.

  7. CRACKLACKING! forgot about this game /

  8. If it doesn’t, I’m assuming it’s canned.
    We’ve heard nothing new in two years.
    I would love to see something soon though.

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