It’s Your Annual E3 Agent News Item!

It wouldn’t be E3 if we didn’t have some rumour or gossip about the missing-in-action PlayStation exclusive, Agent, by Rockstar. Announced at E3 in 2009 for PlayStation 3 the game has never been seen and has become almost mythical.  Agent and The Last Guardian’s no show for year after year had made them a running E3 joke.

On to this year then, and intrepid NeoGAF user GribbleGrunger has spotted that – oh my god – Rockstar have suddenly filed for an extension on the Agent trademark! Woo!  Expect a full reveal during Sony’s presentation! Woo! Yeah! Agent! Woo!

Source: NeoGAF

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  1. Yeah, woo, Ageeeeent! …Er, you know that old adage there’s no such thing as a stupid question? What is Agent again? I’ve completely forgotten.

    • Agent is an upcoming stealth action video game developed by Rockstar North. In July 2007, Sony announced that Rockstar was working on a new exclusive game for the PlayStation 3, but details of the project, including its title, were not announced until June 2009 during the Sony press conference at E3.
      The game is set during the Cold War and will take players into “the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations”, according to a Rockstar press release. Rockstar has yet to reveal any details regarding the setting other than that it will be set in the late 1970s.
      Announced in 2007 exclusively for PS3, little was heard about the game after 2009 and it was thought to have been cancelled, although Take-Two confirmed in May 2011 that Agent was still in development.

      • Thanks for that mate, I’d forgotten it was Cold War era and for some reason had Alan Wake in my head when I thought about it. It sounds exciting! Nine years since its announcement, jeebus, does that beat Duke Nukem?

      • Nope, Duke was ten.

  2. I’m surprised Sony hasn’t considered suing Rockstar for failing to deliver Agent on the PS3. But i can see GTA V being their biggest project and got very distracted. Somewhere, in Rockstar’s offices, there is a computer with AGENT’s logo in MS Paint followed by a penis because someone got bored waiting for the rest to turn up to work on it.

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