Duke Nukem: Critical Mass Dated

I’m half tempted to be a bit cheeky and file this under the ‘rumour’ section along with all other Duke news until the end of time, but it seems that ‘Duke Nukem: Critical Mass’ will be heading to Nintendo’s DS on April 8th in Europe, and sometime in May for North America.


Keeping with tradition, this side scrolling ‘run and gun’ has already faced several delays but what has been shown looks like a good old fashioned blast.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Would have thought this would be a more flagship 3DS release?

    • Yeah, maybe, but good news for Wii owners!

      • Wii owners?! am I missing something here O.o?

      • Sorry, sorry meant DS – man it was 08.32AM – I have normally been at my desk for 90 mins so still pretty much on auto pilot :-D

  2. Now will this actually be out on the 8th..

  3. This game had THE BEST reveal trailer ever at E3 2008. Kinda. >_> It was for the unreleased trilogy. But whatever. Critical Mass was one of those games lol.


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