Shift 2 Gets Release Trailer

EA’s Shift 2: Unleashed, the latest racer subtly still under the ‘Need for Speed’ branding but less so than usual, is out next week.  To celebrate, they’ve released this brand new ‘launch’ trailer for the game, which features lots of cars, a few review scores and some lovely crashes.


Have to say, it looks fabulous.

We’ve just picked up our copy, so expect a full review as soon as we get off the tarmac.



  1. Allot will depend on the handling mechanics of the game. First shift wasn’t that good, still fun though. But I have always seen NFS games as arcade racers, don’t know if the can pull off the simness! (I know not a word too) :)

  2. Does look good, got bored of GT5 just recently – just really lacked the fun factor. The only thing is it looks like all the cars are top end bollocks out racers and I do like ordinary cars to race which is prob my main reason for loving GT, any car lists for the game yet?

  3. Looks great, Not for me though, unable to justify the purchase when compared to how little time ive spent on gt5. Next racer will be the new F1 for me

  4. Loved and got the platinum on the first one. Cannot wait for next Friday to come!

  5. “PEGI trois!” lol

  6. Looks brilliant… Really good… but I have barely touched GT5 of late due to uni. Maybe I deserve to treat myself for my birthday. It does look pretty orgasmic.

  7. Can’t wait. Got it pre ordered so hopefully will come a day or two early.

  8. Unless it has split-screen, I won’t be getting it.
    The only racing games I was able to forgive the lack of split-screen were Motorstorm and Burnout Paradise. But they definitely became 9/10 instead of 10/10 games in my eyes…

  9. Wow, I didnt even know it was coming out this week, I barely had any intrest to find out… has EA gone to realising NFS twice a year? Or will there no NFS coming out this November, the time when NFS usually come out.

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