Shift 2 Gets Release Trailer

EA’s Shift 2: Unleashed, the latest racer subtly still under the ‘Need for Speed’ branding but less so than usual, is out next week.  To celebrate, they’ve released this brand new ‘launch’ trailer for the game, which features lots of cars, a few review scores and some lovely crashes.


Have to say, it looks fabulous.

We’ve just picked up our copy, so expect a full review as soon as we get off the tarmac.



  1. Damn, I want this.

  2. looks awesome!

  3. May have to get this simply because they have used Rise Against. Plus it doesn’t look bad.

  4. This was a day 1 for me but as I have just got Motorstorm I may wait a while.

  5. Eh… offical magazines always seem to be fishy to to me, I`m not taking the risk though.. fed up with nfs

  6. I’ll just reiterate what others have said:
    NFS Shift 2= Racing Simulator
    GT5= Driving Simulator :)

    • Yeah, there’s a big difference.

      Can’t wait for this – will be picking it up next week.

  7. Looks good but then so did the last one and the last was terriable with bad game physics and a racing game where you get points for knocking people of the track? Come on thats just not right!

    • Yeah but that was like aggression or something kinda like bad & good other than that. Shift was ok but it got boring after a few races and I lost interest…. forever & ever.

      Wonder if Shift 2 will abolish the 3-staged tuning system?…

      • It was good if you like arcade racing not racing sim. Couldn’t stand it myself i just hope they make this one better.

    • Shift 2 is incomparable to the 1st one.

      The devs had to make a load of compromises because it was the only NfS game out that year, the things you’ve mentioned and probably the other stuff you weren’t keen on was a result of them pandering to the NfS crowd

  8. The night time stuff looks great but I was hoping for some weather effects too. Still, will have to get next year on pre-owned at a third of the price*

    *I love NFS Shift I’m just skint.

  9. Looks like a grittier Gran Turismo 5.

  10. I like the fact they have the GT1 World Championship cars, will likely get this and give it a go, still don’t like the look of the handling, looks a tad pivotty (not a word I know) to me, just like the first one.

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