SSFIV Arcade Edition Rated By BBFC

The British Board of Film Classification has pretty much confirmed that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is on the way. Aside from the game featuring roughly seven minutes of new cutscenes, no additional information was provided.

SSFIV: AE is an updated re-release of Super Street Fighter IV with four additional characters and tweaks the balance of the game. It should be noted that Capcom has not announced any plans to release AE as a retail product or as DLC. It could be both. Yoshinori Ono, the producer of the SFIV series, has been teasing an announcement for many months now. It’s likely that we’ll learn more in April during Captivate.


While initial reactions to yet another re-release of Street Fighter IV might be a questionable practice to many, there are some benefits to a disc based release. Since the game is intended for hardcore fans, it’s far easier to have a disc at hand for events. Can you imagine going over to a friends house for some SSFIV action only to learn that AE wasn’t purchased? That would be rather inconvenient. Seeing as AE changes the balance of the game, it’s more than just having new characters to play as. This could essentially fracture the online community.

That said, it would be nice if Capcom also released AE as DLC to appease both audiences. Unless there’s more to it than what we know, it’s not like the changes or additions are anywhere near as significant as they were in Super Street Fighter IV. That was clearly a product that justified a re-release since it offered so much. The same can’t be said for Arcade Edition as of right now unless you fall within a very specific audience.

Update: According to the BBFC website, SSFIV: AE releases on Friday, June 24th.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Nice to see them going back to the ways of SF2 and adding prefixes and suffixes to the game name until every last drop of blood is wrung from it.

    • Street Fighter might be most notorious for doing it, but every fighting game has done the same thing. It’s more of a genre thing than anything else.

      In Street Fighter’s case, you don’t see an actual sequel for a very long time.

  2. Hmm, I’m sure I read a while back that SSFIV was going to be the only edition? Nevermind, I won’t be getting it. Have SSFIV and I kinda suck at these sort of games anyway, wouldn’t be worth my while!

    • Yeah, the producer did say that awhile back. We’ll have to find out the full story in April I guess.

    • Indeed: from TSA:

      “If you missed out on the rather fabulous Street Fighter IV and was wondering whether to take the plunge with the forthcoming Super Street Fighter IV, but were worried that as soon as you did a Super-Duper Hyper Street Fighter IV 4K Remix Turbo Special Championship Edition would come out – then worry no more.

      Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has been talking to Official Xbox Magazine and has said that they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, referring to the endless stream of variants to Street Fighter II.

      Fans shouldn’t be too disappointed as Yoshinori Ono left the door open for more DLC by saying “Obviously there can be updates via DLC so perhaps in 2011, we could upload a patch for Super Street Fighter IV 2011 edition that would have tuning and balancing. But as a packaged product, I think this is the last.”

  3. Was thinking about picking up SSFIV but I think I’ll wait to see what happens with this.

    • Yeah, I would definitely wait if you haven’t picked it up yet.

      • I liked SFIV but I really hated the boss, Seth so much. He ruined a great game for me.

    • Me too, especially since MvC3. Definitely wait and see now…

  4. Looking forward to finally kicking heads in with the almighty Evil ryu. If its downloadble content im in, if its a game release ill trade Super and im in.

    :-D – Street Fighter is ace!!

  5. Ok then, there better be trade-in deal for AE, please? maybe 50p will do Game, Gamestop? DLC would be cool but eh… I don’t know

  6. Yay! I was just thinking I wanted to waste some cash on another street fighter re-iteration!

  7. Already have the original, never bothered with Super. Hopefully this will be DLC that will incorporate SSF4 into the original also

  8. I still play SSF4 from time to time and am quite excited about the prospect of four new characters. I hope it don’t cost too much, although I think the hardcore will still gladly pay. Lots of them buy the costumes too judging from what I see online.

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