First Saint’s Row: The Third Screens Revealed

Last month, Saint’s Row: The Third was revealed by the U.S. magazine, Game Informer, and now the first major batch of screenshots have been released online. You can check them out below and it seems obvious from looking at them that the game is coming along nicely.

You can expect to get your hands on Saints Row: The Third sometime later this year.

Source: Game Informer



  1. sweet looking forward to it DAM did you see the size of that purple weapon lol.

  2. Girl beating thug with big purple cock: Saints Row as we know and love it.

  3. WTF?

  4. Awesome!!! I can’t wait for this one!

  5. Saints row still the same and has bumped up the sillyness which mean it will be fun. I think i will put this on my want but can’t get list.

  6. Looking forward to this game!
    That being said; I like the map and character customization snaps, but these other “not actually ingame, enhanced and polished action screens” that developers are in the habit of releasing as first impression screens are actually starting to irritate me, as they give no indication of what the game will eventually look like.

    • I wholeheartedly agree about the “not actually ingame, enhanced and polished action screens”.

  7. I can’t wait for this game. Co-op in SR2 was possibly the best thing ever.

  8. Screens look pretty good. Never played a Saints Row game so will give this a shot.

  9. SR2 was much more enjoyable than GTAIV. Hopefully SR3 delivers as well :)

  10. That map looks mighty familiar. Is Saints Row set in a slightly tweaked Liberty City?

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