Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC Trailer

Bioware has been touting one last DLC expansion for Mass Effect 2 for a while now and we’ve got a video below that details what you can expect and when you can expect it. It certainly looks like a full-fledged expansion, with a new story arch that likely will bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and 3. You can expect this expansion to go live this week on all three Mass Effect 2 platforms.

Source: YouTube



  1. Do. Want. NOW.

    • Well you don’t really have to wait to long.

  2. sweet will be getting that as soon as it goes live.

  3. Looks good damn i don’t have money in my PSN wallet

  4. God dammit! That looks pretty awesome!
    Traded this after I platinumed it, gonna have to rent again for this now, or beg/borrow/steal a mates copy!! :P

  5. Well that’s my midweek sorted.

  6. God damnit! When will the psn store update?!!

  7. nearly completed ME2 so this will be a welcome continuation

  8. wow cool DLC, will be getting

  9. Oops, I deleted me2 off my hdd when I platinumed it. Don’t think I’ll be redownloading for this, took 8 hours last time, not sure I can justify going through that again just for a few hours extra gameplay. Having said that, the game is truly awesome and it might just be worth it.

  10. Nearly completed me2 on steam for 1st time, have just got the IFF. Will downloas this as soon as i get home :)

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