Microsoft Release Paper On Kinect Improvements

One of the exhaustively discussed technical aspects of Microsoft’s motion controller technology, Kinect, pre-launch – how ‘laggy’ the system was – turned out to be something of a non-event. Sure, there’s some lag at times, but it hardly resulted in the giant-slaying bugbear some naysayers suggested it would be.


Not content with what they’ve already achieved, Microsoft developers have issued a paper discussing potential improvements to the system’s performance. Though it’s unclear at this time if and when these recommendations will be implemented, it is interesting to see the boffins are still hard at work in R&D for the technology.

In essence, the improvements are rooted in Kinect learning how your body works better. Appearing on I Programmer, the document discusses artificial intelligence routines and how, rather than actually tracking your movements, the system can be taught to predict your joints’ actions to a greater degree. By referencing millions of 3D depth maps (Woah!) Kinect can hence assign a predicted body part to the data it’s receiving. It’s all very technical but we sure they know what they’re doing.

How has Kinect’s lag affected your gaming? Do Microsoft need to rush these improvements out in a firmware update as soon as possible, or is all this predicto-mapping mumbo-jumbo merely a nice to have?




  1. thats good news if they can upgrade or patch it so its better. I tried it once on the dancing thing, as much as groovy my moves were (not very) the lag was a little annoying, but then most casual gamers wouldn’t notice it I doubt

  2. It’s good to know as I thought the lag was horrid. Then again, they’re not after the FPS market (for example) and it feeling a touch slow to respond really isn’t the end of the world.

    • I don’t get why you cling to this outdated perception

      There have been many videos dispelling that myth

      The only thing we’re waiting for is good games take 2 to 3 years to make, the tech is there and has been since day 1, its just unfortunate that for motion controllers that enough time hasn’t passed for quality games to emerge yet.

      • Are you actually saying that you find Kinect to be ideal to play shooters with???

        It looks both tiresome and third grade (Kevin Butler) and the video shown is a tech demo. Even if people wanted it that way I really don’t see it functioning particularly well in COD or Socom.

  3. I know this isn’t on topic but the title reminded me

    Remember when the ps3eye came out, there was a report on various sites, about a game that involved you drawing on a piece of paper and then the drawing being animated. Now it was a few years ago now, so my mind is hazy, but whatever happened to that? Was it a tech demo? Was it implemented in the eye pet game? Am I remembering something that didn’t happen? Where am I? Who are you? Where’s my house? Why am I naked?

    • Was a tech demo, but also made it into the EyePet game.

      Not sure I can help with the other questions :/

    • Was a tech demo, but also made it into the EyePet game.

      Not sure I can help with the other questions :/

    • What happened to that eye game where you spoke to a female? it was about spying…. eyesomething, might be eyedetect, eyespy even?

  4. Oh. Would you like a picture of me naked?

  5. should probably concentrate on getting some half decent games out for it instead

  6. It needs it. Kinect is laggy and inaccurate, pretty much a technical disaster.

    Seems the PC modding is a convenient distraction as there are no Xbox Kinect games worth playing either..

  7. Exactly what I thought about kinect, good tech way before its time! Going to be riddled with problems and hardly no decent games to go with it! Like what someone before me said “can you imagine playing a shooter with kinect?” Yea I can get your fingers out and shoot the screen like your a kid. Kinect may sell/ship more units then the move but it aint a better tech or will it have better games to go with it (IMHO).

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