Modern Warfare 3 Set For April Reveal

CVG are reporting that Activision’s next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game is set for an April reveal.

The news comes by way of Future published mag PSM3, which claims that “the next in Activision’s megaton FPS series will be announced in mid-April.”


This, of course, would fit nicely with last year’s reveal of Black Ops, which was also around about the same sort of time.

“Based on the ending of MW2,” says the magazine, “we’d be surprised if the story doesn’t pick up with Soap and Price on the run, after they were set up by General Shephard.”

EA’s own first person shooter, Battlefield 3, will be up against stiff competition.



  1. I can’t shake the feeling that quality is taking a back seat to profitability.

    • Yeah you are right, I get the feeling that tit will be a good campaign. Never like the online so hit the story and get rid.

      • Agreed, Battlefield 3 will have descent SP, awesome MP. I mean, Battlefield has vehicular combat ASWELL as squad team based battles!!

      • lol – you said tit

    • MooooooOOOOO$$$$$$$£££££
      thats the sound a cash cow makes
      curse the day they make another cod…

  2. “Do we need another one?” No not really, but Activision wants our money. I don’t want to be one of those Acti bashers, but they’ve been using the same game engine since CoD 2, and have stated earlier that a new one isn’t really one of their priorities, and actually they’re (Treyarch devs) standing by their ol faithful by saying they can “tweak” their engine to look like Frostbite 2. Laughable, yes.

    We certainly don’t NEED another old looking, glitch fest CoD. I’m a fan of the series I must admit, but this is one I might not bother to pick up. BF3 will see my money.

    • We do need one, I want one, and so do millions and millions more!! Surely to not release a further extension in the biggest selling franchise of all-time would be ludicrous business.
      “Activision wants our money”, well of course they do! They’re a business after all,
      They want my money…I want their game…thats how the world works.

      • You’re allowed to have your opinion, and I’m not going to bash anyone that’s going to buy it. I just can’t support a publisher that don’t care about their consumers. They won’t make the game much better, the whole old engine issue, and the price for DLC is ridiculous.

        Allot of people say they’re not paying for it, or buying the new COD when it comes out, yet still it sells by the buckets, and the DLC virtually cripples PSN.

        If you enjoy the game mate, good on you.

      • Most of the large publishers don’t care about consumers. They care about money. If that also means they can give the appearance of caring about the customer, whilst simultaneously monetising something, then prepare to be used and abused some more. ;-)

      • Its this perpetuating negative attitude towards CoD and Activison that is annoying though.
        Surely the fact that Activision are releasing sequels, means that they do care about their customers, its the biggest selling game of all-time. Now I’m no expert business man but that suggests to me that consumers want more of it.
        Activision care exactly as much about their customers as every other publisher does, they just happen to get a bad rap because they are the the most successful, therefore it’s the norm for people to bash them and claim they hate gaming, they don’t care about you and they’re gonna steal your babies

      • Rockstar’s RDR first DLC was free…just saying.

      • It may well have been free, but you’d be blind to think that that was a decision made out of love for consumers and not a marketing ploy to
        a) raise more awareness of the game
        b) a PR exercise to shed the company in good light with gamers
        c) ultimately actually sell more games, whether it be RDR, LA Noire or GTA V

    • I genuinely believe that all developers just want to make good games that people will like and most publishers want to be respected and popular, not just to make more money but because that is human nature and some people that work in publishers are human.

    • Ok, but still free of charge, REGARDLESS of the reason.

  3. Yeah we do. Am i personally excited for it…no. But i’m not excited for the next pokemon game either, and i belive that those games are also important to the industry.

    The COD brand is the largest grossing game each year. I know some people are now “tiered of it” but there are obvisouly millions of people who arent. I still play black ops every now and then and i’m sure that i’ll be picking up MW3, at some point. Probably at launch if enough of my firends are still interedted in it.

    • And i’l also be getting BF3, i don’t see the need to side with one over the other. I enjoy both franchises.

  4. I’m going to avoid COD this year. As far as I’m concerned, MW2 should be retconned completely, and the talk of it using the same engine is, while understandable, is worrying to say the least. I’m tired of having this ‘follow the pack’ mentality in terms of COD.

  5. and all the 11 year old boys pee their pants with excitment as ‘the best game eva’ is about to be announced…me I might puke up blood with disgust

    • Either that, or you’ve got a 1930’s disease with the blood-vomiting.

      • yup – go see a specialist right now!

      • I had a disease on Sunday, seriously farting was like playing Russian Roulette…

    • Wouldn’t wanna keep the kids happy now would we :| assume you must still be in school mate, when ya grow up you appreciate the things that keep the kids happy and safe.

      • Yes I’m still at school…as a lecturer ;)

  6. Is this a bloody joke? Because it feels like Activision are turning COD into one. If people buy this then they need their head examining.
    I wont be buying it this year, especially as it will come out about a month after BC3 anyway.

    • To be fair, I see the COD franchise as a more attractive offering than sports games and their thinly-veiled roster updates. Now THEY make me want to harm people! :-)

  7. *pees pants with excitement*

    Nah, I am not that excited, but I will be getting it as I do love the CoD games. However I am currently obsessed with Gears of War 2 at the moment :-)

  8. Hurry up Respawn – a simultaneous reveal would be fun! :)

    • I know, I can’t wait until they ready to get into the serious business of making games. It’s gonna get interesting then, long way off at the moment I reckon though

    • When Respawn get their game out, I hope it beats the living daylights out of CoD. Wasn’t it supposed to be “a Halo killer”? Because that could get interesting.

  9. Not for me thank you, Battlefield is all the FPS ill need provided DiCE don’t muck it up.

    Off topic somewhat but how many people even after launch will still be calling BF3……. BC3?

    • Well they did muck up BFBC2’s single player a bit.

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