Child Of Eden Gets New Trailer

Ubisoft have just sent over this brand new Kinect-powered trailer for Child of Eden.

It looks, as you’d expect from the chap behind Rez and Lumines, utterly brilliant, and although I can’t see myself doing the Kinect Dance with this one (normal controllers, please) it does look like it fits nicely.


It’s out in June. You should buy it.



  1. If it wasn’t for my missus I’d be buying a 360+Kinect just for this game.

    • Would it really be worth if it? You’ve got a ps3 haven’t you?

    • You know, they haven’t announced the details of the PS3 version yet. The experience of this game with Move and 3D support would be indescribable I think.

      • I’d swing towards handsfree with Kinect & 3D

      • For a game like this, i’m not sure if i can really enjoy the trance/bliss aspect if i’m going to be (a) standing up and (b) making broad gestures with my arms. I’ll probably stick with allowing my subconscious to nudge the DS3 while i chill and enjoy the visuals and music! :)

  2. “Use the Force, Luke.” Hey, it’s the Star Wars game, under a different name! Being serious, it does look good fun – although the Kinect support looks a bit strange, to be honest.

  3. Looking good, Move could easily do this. It will appear, I can feel it!!

  4. They need to a get plumber, their warehouse has a a very wet floor.

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