New Battlefield 3 Footage Released

You’ve liked what we have shown of Battlefield 3 haven’t you? However, like some kind of ravenous FPS devouring mob you want more. We are always happy to oblige, so the third video showing Battlefield 3 gameplay footage can be found below.


Source: YouTube



  1. The more I see this the more I want it.

    • Same here mate. This does look like a real contender.

    • Same here

      • as much as i love the battlefield series, i much prefer the team of sweetwater and company. without them, this just kinda feels a bit generic to me. might still buy it though, not sure yet

  2. On my want list.

  3. Cannot wait for this. Earthquake ripping up the road at the end looked amazing as well.

  4. MW3 ‘d better step up

    • I agree, I love the Modern Warfare series, its my favorite FPS ever, simple layout and UI and good fun.

      Graphics look good in BF3 though but the gameplay looks and sounds kinda boring and bland.

      • Could you explain? I’d have to say that the video above is positively packed with energy and visceral action.

      • Awayze, are you on something?

  5. lol at the cod fanboy above. this looks to set gaming visualls to the next level.amazing stuff.and come on dice already are the kings of gameplay. thats the bottom line.

    • BF3 does look good, amazing in fact.

      But don’t forget all the footage so far is on a stupidly high powered gaming PC with all the settings (framerate, texture detail, anti-aliasing, visual effects etc) turned up to the ultra-high. Consoles perform around the upper-medium settings but at half resolution & half framerate

  6. Excellent, although not enjoying the likenesses of the single player with that of other popular FPS’.

    I pray there’s some MP footage on April 17th.

  7. Oh my word, this looks very realistic. This is very much at the top of my wanted list.

    • Mine too. Hopefully this will tear my friends away from Cod for a while at least. Bought the last Battlefield and loved it, but all my friends list were still on Cod so only kept it for a couple of months. After all the issues we’ve experienced with Black Ops, my mates should be easier to convert this time.

    • I’m in exactly the same position as yourself. I still have Battlefield though and do occasionally play it but everytime I’m online my mates are playing either MW2 or Black Ops. Its a lot more fun playing with a group of friends though so I always end up playing one of those as well.

      • My mates only ever played COD too but just recently a couple of them have purchased BFBC2 and now they cannot get enough of it. I always told them it was the dogs dangly bits and now they can see that for themselves. The game is ten times better when you squad up with a few mates with headsets :)

  8. is this still PC footage though? i mean it looks great, but i don’t have a $3,000 PC to run it.. i don’t have a PC at all. i want to see what this game will actually look like on consoles

    • Me too, I’m sure it’ll look good with the MoCap etc, but we’re being fed something here that the overwhelming majority of people won’t be able to achieve.

  9. I’ve liked the previous trailers & they’ve piqued my interest, even though I really don’t like Battlefield & its spinoffs, but this one offered nothing new.

    They need to show some more areas, or more importantly console versions now.

  10. Incredible, I’m loving the look this!

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