Battlefield 3 PS3 Gameplay Demo Shown

We all know that Battlefield 3 looks amazing…well, the PC version does. A live demo of the game running on the PS3 was shown on Late Night with Jimmy Falon, giving us a glimpse of what console owners can expect.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks like Jimmy doesn’t have a clue.

    • Surely the ‘lesson learned’ here is to give the host of the show at least a 10 minute tutorial before the show starts.

    • I’m sure he’s adding some noob skills to keep the audience entertained. Ever seen a show cooking segment on a late night show? The host always acts like he has never seen the inside of a kitchen and messes up the whole dish on purpose.

    • In all fairness he dosent need to have a clue, the game got on TV with people ‘enjoying’ it. Job done for EA imo.

      Shame tv shows over here (UK) never dip into the gaming bag. putting fifa12 on soccer AM for example.

  2. WOW i was expecting it too look good but its basically looking as good as the high end pc version,give or take a few car barriers that are missing.super impressed with thie visualls DICE have produced on this 6 year old machine. day one purchase for me as battlefields reign in the gameplay department.

    • Yeah I know that alot of people were worried about the console versions but this looks really good.

  3. It lives up to the PC version. I am very tempted to get this game. In fact this may be the first time i have brought a game just for it’s multiplayer. What? I want to crash a few jets into some TSAers.I hope the AI doesn’t abuse the shooting through walls aspect as that would ruin the experence for me. It may just hold it’s own against COD. It shall be interesting to see the reviews. I’m going to predict an average of 8-9/10.

  4. Looks very good. Now I just need to compare to the Xbox version to decide which format to get it on…

    • Interesting that they chose to show it on PS3.

  5. It looks SICK, I’m so glad I have it on pre-order!!!

    I’m literally giggling like a schoolgirl right now :D

    • Want some candy?

      • HAHA! Look out for Mike’s White Van

      • No Mike, NO. Don’t make me get the kissy smiley or the Police on ya.I will do it you know.:p

      • I would have thought that the kissy smiley would have been quite appropriate for his proposition! :)

      • He is disturbed by it.:p

  6. Need to watch this again at home as my work PC is not doing the video justice. Looks pretty good though.

  7. Very very very very very. Very very pleasantly surprised. The visuals are top notch. Did anyone say day 1 purchase?

  8. looks fantastic :) great visuals on the ps3. And looked at though it played very well too. He really doesnt have an idea how to play video games, “im gonna blow up this wall” *gets out a knife* made me laugh :L

  9. Wow, very happy to see such a high quality :)

  10. As expected, looks good.
    Hopefully there’s a compelling narrative to elevate it from ‘solid shooter’ to something genuinely interesting.

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