‘Like’ Battlefield 3 And Unlock a 12 Minute Trailer

Ok it’s challenge time! If you want to see twelve minutes of gameplay footage from Battlefield 3 early you need to head here and ‘like’ the game’s Facebook page.

Right now the count stands at about 660,000 so there is one heck of a long way to go. If the page doesn’t get the one million hits by Monday the footage will release anyway, but it would make for some nice, early weekend viewing.

Source: Facebook



  1. Don’t do Facebook, however, I do like a ‘tweet’ or two though :-)

  2. Done. BF3 is certainly in ‘Must have’ at the moment… with this trailer could easily move into ‘Day one’.

  3. Done it – 662,876

  4. Can’t see it hitting 1,000,000 any time in the near future.

    • It got over 100,000 more votes in a day.

      Itll get to a million.

  5. 665,225 now……It’ll probably just be the 3 trailers already released so far all neatly tied together in to one long video. Hopefully it’ll be brand new footage.

    • Actually don’t mind me! The trailers released so far only add up to about 7 mins.

  6. i’ve done it, hopefully its something worth seeing rather than interviews and poop

  7. Bah, I’ve not got a Facebook account, yet I’m a massive fan of the series, I feel cheated :(

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