PSN To Get More Sega Classics

We already knew that PS+’ers were to get Sonic and Sonic 2 as part of their monthly deal and the EU PlayStation Blog has just announced even more classic Sega titles. They are:

  • Sonic 2 – free for PS Plus users on April 6th, released onto PS Store on April 20th
  • Streets of Rage 2 – free for Plus users on May 4th, released onto PS Store on May 18th
  • Golden Axe 2 – free for Plus users on June 1st, released onto PS Store on June 15th

Joining them will be Comix Zone and Altered Beast but you will have to pay £3.19/€3.99 each for those.


The good news is that all five titles have been tweaked for their PSN release and now have online leader boards and, in the case of Sonic 2; Streets of Rage 2; Altered Beast and Golden Axe II, online co-op.

The really good news is that the titles will be ‘additive to the Plus offering’ so PS+’ers should get a full price title, two minis, a PS One title and a Sega classic for the next three months.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Good price, sad about SNK….

  2. Nice.
    When I first read it, was a bit annoyed that Mega Drive games would be replacing PSN games, but seeing they’re an additive?
    Much appreciated.
    (Although I think Sonic 2 was already announced as the full PSN title for next month. But it’s Sonic,and therefore forgiveable. And much appreciated. :) )

  3. Can’t wait for Sonic 2 :D

  4. Sweet! Although I already have the Megadrive Collection, it is nice to have the best ones (except for Comix Zone, awesome game) easily accessible, not to mention online co-op.

    • If they release Columns, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, my Mega Drive Collection will be traded in. Simple as.
      And that mainly hinges on Columns, as I can get by with Sonic, Sonic 2 and Sonic 4.

  5. Co-op in Sonic 2? hows that going to work, they gonna force both Sonic and tails to be on the same screen? As tails is the secondary/sidekick he could just go of the screen and get lost. Or are both players able to go in whatever direction? and meet at the end/boss? Or is it just the competative 2 player rather that co-op.

    • They’ve appeared on the Xbox before, so it will be the classic but limited multiplayer.

  6. Sonic 2? Streets of Rage 2? Oh hell yes!!

  7. I wish sega would get real and stop pushing this crap at us…they were good in the day but these games are decades old and they belong in the past. Sega seem to be happy to rehash megadrive games and stick em just about anything with a processor these days. Give us some sega saturn classics, panzer dragoon, baku baku, or daytona usa etc and dreamcast classics, but get better ones this time (or at least make them play full screen 720p) because the last dreamcast collection was very dissapointing…where was the shenmue series or house of the dead with move support? Sega have one of the best back catolog’s in games history yet they keep giving us stuff from the 16bit era…..give us stuff from the saturn and dreamcast era please.

    • Yeah.. there’s been enough already, I want to see Shenmue & SA2 on the PSN , House of the Dead could easily be a port of the wii versions but I haven’t a clue if they were great.

  8. Megadrive games, online co-op …..WAT ?!!!
    Imsohappy ;,D

  9. Just need Columns & I’ll be dancing in the streets, I’ve wanted the ability to fire up Megadrives games from the XMB for a long time like you can on the Wii & 360

    Hey SEGA,
    just go the full mile and launch a full virtual console section on the store, some Master System games and Megadrive classics will be a day1 sale here, always.

    • Fantasy Zone !
      Alex Kidd !
      Castle of Illusion !
      This needs to happen, I could just buy the Megadrive collection but a lot of them are a bit crap…

    • not columns, anything but columns, nothing on earth will take more time out of my life than columns, except maybe sleeping.
      i won’t be able to resist.

      anyway, i agree, a proper selection of megadrive and master system games on the store would be awesome, except columns.
      some of my all time favourite games were on the megadrive, ah good times.

  10. streets of rage online co-op… so, so sweet.

    • Capcom need to counter with Captain Commando awesome game maybe bundled with Strider like with Final Fight.

      • Like Strider? Try Moon Diver launched yesterday, its essentially Strider with 4 player co-op

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