GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz GamrFeed Caught “Spamming” Reddit

Reddit‘s a social aggregator, a little like N4G but not specific to gaming.  If your story becomes popular on there, you get traffic, but generally you need votes from the community or some ‘power users’ to make your content visible amongst the massive crowd of other stories.  Think Digg, really, but more lightweight and, potentially, better for discussion and ultimately hits.

We’ve only ever submitted a few TSA stories have made it onto Reddit, but that might change as it appears to have been quite lucrative for a few sites recently. Namely GamePro, G4TV and VGChartz GamrFeed.


However, an exposé that surfaced yesterday (ironically, on Reddit) suggests that not everyone plays by the same rules. “I noticed quite a while ago that there were several accounts spamming GamePro, GamrFeed and G4TV articles in /r/gaming, but it wasn’t until last night that I realized exactly how bad it had become,” says the comment.

“Last night, an absolutely terrible article about a 22-in-1 3DS accessory kit somehow shot immediately onto the gaming frontpage, due to suddenly getting about 10 upvotes shortly after being submitted. At almost the same time, the exact same thing happened with two other GamePro articles, a video card review and a horrible “top games” list.”

Of course, we can assume this resulted in a fair whack of traffic.

Busted?  Yup, and it looks like the sites in question have today apologised.   “It’s definitely true that we’ve had some power users recently spamming content on our behalf. We have already stepped in and asked those people not to do this in future,” said GamePro, with G4 saying they were “owning up” and that they hope people forgive them.

VGChartz ‘fessed up too.  “I apologize on behalf of gamrFeed and the entire VGChartz Network.”

Thanks VG247 for the round-up.



  1. Would be much fairer if the likes of Comscore didn’t count aggregators in the traffic stats.

  2. Boo! Hiss! Ect. Ect.

  3. I’ve been a fan of reddit for a little while and this seems to go on all over the place, people with obviously very different agendas spamming various of the sites sub sections, it’s kinda natural that the big sites with money behind them would try this. Thankfully TSA is nothing like this and I still continue to get my gaming news from you lovely people, even if I’ve reverted to my lurker status ;)

    I still love you guys!

  4. I wonder if you guys will get lots of traffic for this story ;)

  5. the apologized, that’s positive.

  6. The reddit site is an abomination to my eyes.

    • I was just about to write the same thing. Truly UGLY!

  7. A bit of a typo in the second paragraph.

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