New Downloadable IP ‘Renegade Ops’ On The Way

Just Cause 2 was a bit of cult classic amongst some gamers and for a lot of people, it really put Avalanche Studios on the map. Yesterday, Avalanche announced that, with the help of SEGA, they’re preparing a new IP for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC. This new project is called ‘Renegade Ops’ and quite frankly it sounds like a miniature Twisted Metal. The idea behind the game is that you command vehicles of all kinds, strapped to teeth with weapons, with the sole purpose of blowing up… other vehicles.

There is a bit of depth to be found in the form of a storyline that includes a villain by the name of ‘Madman Inferno’ and a group of terrorists that seem intent to cause trouble. Since there’s a villain, of course there’s a hero and his name is General Bryant. He’s recruited a group of military personnel to take on Madman Inferno and stop his evil plan of domination. Original, eh? On the multiplayer side of things, you’ll be able to team up with three other buddies to either fight your foes together, or compete with each other for high scores.


When discussing why Avalanche is making the jump to a downloadable game after developing a critically acclaimed full release, Avalanche Executive Producer, Linus Blomberg, had this to say.

“A number of developers in the studio wanted to try developing a smaller digital project, so we gathered a team, built a new IP and SEGA gave us the opportunity to carry this out. The IP is all about driving or flying around blowing stuff up while playing with your friends and that to us, is a dream-project.”

So there you have it. While they didn’t specify a date or even quarter, SEGA did confirm that Renegade Ops is planned for 2011.

Source: Press Release



  1. If it has the same balls-to-the-wall fun factor of JC2, I’m all for it

    • How is having your balls to the wall fun? Sound like the beginning of something. Very nasty and painful to me involving someone’s foot and a crunching sound.

  2. Jc2 was fun at first but got boring pretty quick, it was too long in my opinion. These guys seem to like making games where you blow stuff up, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This sounds like it could be fun for a little while, but then get boring again

  3. Hummm, will keep an eye on this!

  4. I heard there will be a JC3 as well.

  5. i was kind of hoping it would be a sequel to target renegade, oh the hours i spent on that on my spectrum.

    • I came in here thinking that too, absolutely adored it on the Amstrad and still boot it up every now and then.

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