Gordon Freeman Joins Renegade Ops

Gordon Freeman, fan favourite from Half Life, has taken a wrong turn and will soon be racing alongside the Renegade Ops when the game launches on STEAM.

Gordon will be bringing some scampering friends in the shape of Antlions who can be used to attack the forces of Inferno.


Renegade Ops will be available via STEAM on 14th October for $15.00, £9.99, €12.99, AUD$ 20.00. The game is already available on PS3 and Xbox 360 and is (in my opinion) absolutely brilliant, proper old skool shoot ’em up carnage.

Source: Sega Blog



  1. I couldn’t have been less interested in this game when I first saw the trailers, but after buying it on a whim I can safely say it is awesome!

    • Yeah man wholeheartedly agree, it’s a proper barrel of laughs. Any game that lets me drive through a house whilst firing machine guns and calling in an airstrike will always raise a smile with me :D

      Old skool twin stick shooter brought bang up to date beautifully and certainly my favourite PSN purchase to date :)

      • shout me if you wanna do co-op sometime btw.

  2. Not for me having tried the demo but i’m intrigued by the inclusion of Gordon Freeman .. hopefully a hint of some news soon on Half Life 3..

  3. Reminds me of Super Cars 2 on the Amiga…
    The trailer I mean :)

  4. I have thoroughly loved this on the PSN.

  5. awesome game!

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