Saints Row 3 Trailer Is A Punch In The Balls

Gameinformer want you to view the first glimpse of Saints Row The Third over on their site – the video is EXCLUSIVE and doesn’t feature an embed, so – well – go on.

It’s thirty-seven seconds long and the first twenty seconds are taken up with a massive disclaimer and a series of logos.  Then there’s one second of gameplay, followed by more logos and a placecard at the end telling you to search for SAINTS ROW for more.


There’s more?

Well, no, not yet.  The ‘gameplay’ in question is a literal punch to the testicles, in every sense of the word, and hardly makes you want to find out more.

In fact, it’s actually made me want to find out less.  The next time something like this is hyped up for days, remind me of this very moment, would you?



  1. It’s a literal punch in the testicles? Charming, I think I’ll keep my fading interest in this to text information.

    • What I didn’t mention, for fear of looking unprofessional, is that it’s also VERY SHIT.

      • I think the phrase you are looking for is “It’s a load of bollocks”. Literally.

      • It’s obviously a pun on behalf of the devs, but it’s all the hype from GI that spoilt the party.

  2. Well that was crap!

    • utter gash in my opinion, games like these should be cancelled! what a waste

  3. Surely though it just shows what the games are all about, i.e. the fun. These games arn’t supposed to be serious. Also, an early April’s Fools perhaps. This game should be good though, a fun laid back alternative to GTA.

  4. I thought you were exaggerating slightly. Turns out you weren’t. Great article.

  5. god none of you can take a joke can you, it’s obviously a piss take on other games that show a second of gameplay and everyone oohs and ahhs, they know what their game is, they aren’t pretending it’s going to change your life, they are just keeping to what games are meant to be, and that is fun.

    maybe a little more sense of humour around here wouldn’t go amiss, I think this is probably one of the best to the point (or rather tip…ouch) trailers that has been made in a long while, why bother with a 2 minute trailer that spoils the whole game when you can just show someone getting punch in the nards (woolfmen don’t have nards :))

  6. Jesus, after the long wait waht a kick in the nuts..

  7. really funny if you’re twelve years old. Saints Row, pha, what a bore.

  8. Does this mean we can punch people in the gonads?^-^
    This is just taking the p*ss out of every trailer that hypes up the game and only show 1 second of gameplay. i hope the online is better this time around and i just want to punch some TSAers in the balls for fun.:D

  9. Cruddy trailer (whether it was intentional or not) but I still have high hopes for this game. SR2 was 100% and one of my favourite co-op experiences :)

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